China Social Commerce the rise and fall of the giant company

March 5, 2017

pioneer failed attempt

April 1, 2009, Chinese e-commerce website at the largest Taobao social networking, launched the Amoy arena. The site aims to enhance the link between Taobao users, allowing users to share a reliable online shopping experience, and thus promote the growth of Taobao’s trading volume. In addition to the ant network before the less successful attempt, Taobao move can be regarded as a pioneer in China’s social business. The ant network was founded by Ruan Peng (also known as the wheat field in the Chinese network), and tried in the field of social commerce. After the ant network offline, Nguyen joined Baidu last year, is responsible for social networking division.

has the ant network warning, Taobao again is very bad. Taobao’s SNS subsidiary did not meet Taobao’s expectations. When scouring the main line of the main push function, including logs, albums, personal information, friends, social games and other similar happy farm, and so on, just like ordinary Chinese SNS. But most recently, a query shows that Amoy in the rankings of Alexa in a million (global), China ranked one hundred thousand, after the flow of less than Taobao’s total traffic of 1.6%.

scouring the rise and fall of rivers and lakes

Amoy ranking reflects Taobao’s social shopping in the field of frustration.. Before there are rumors that Taobao Jianghu in May off the assembly line, leaving only three main functions: Juhuasuan (Taobao group purchase service), gold coins (gold exchange gifts to attract active users) and Amoy share (shopping experience). As shown in the following figure, in the latest update of the site, the above three features are highlighted in the main navigation bar, other SNS related links, although not completely removed, but has been hidden.

at the beginning of this year, the founder of Taobao parent company Alibaba Ma said, Taobao must be fully SNS." The recent revision of the Amoy lake can be called a typical social business website, including shopping experience sharing, product sharing display, personalized recommendation and other special features. And the site is still planning another major revision. Nevertheless, the social networking site created by China’s first e-commerce platform is still struggling in the plight of.

There are rumors before

, Taobao will no longer be an independent product Amoy lake, but it is integrated into the Taobao master. May 24th Taobao released the announcement confirmed the rumors, which means that the river was shelved aside. After nearly 2 years of hard work, Taobao has finally accepted its failure in social commerce.

China’s social business is developing rapidly

Although Taobao

in the social aspects of the business to try suffered a major setback, but social commerce sites continue to emerge, the beautiful and mogujie.com is one of the bright younger generation.

beauty – designed for women to create the social commerce website (founder from Standford, before founding the website zhuaxia has been the acquisition of watercress) >

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