How to improve the advertising alliance B2C, C2C industry order conversion rate

March 5, 2017

iResearch data show that in 2010 the Jingdong mall annual turnover of 10 billion 200 million yuan, 3 billion yuan, 2 billion 260 million yuan Dangdang Amazon; while the average monthly order conversion rate of 2.67% Amazon, 2.62% Dangdang, Jingdong 1.97%


from iResearch data show that industry sales ranked B2C Jingdong for more than 3 times the leader, but the order conversion rate is far lower than that of the Amazon and the Jingdong Dangdang, data display order loss rate is very large, so I put the excellence and Jingdong made a comparison of the data in all aspects. Analysis shows:



As shown in the figure,

and Jingdong in the sale of different types of products, has also recently broke Jingdong began to enter the tourism industry. From the picture we see the Jingdong selling tickets. Jingdong compared to excellence in sales of maternal and child health products and other products, so the performance of this part of the band is remarkable and can not catch up. Therefore, the summary of the first point, the number of outstanding products in the category of less than Jingdong caused by the difference in its sales.

secondly, from the beginning of the establishment of the two sides, the Jingdong store slightly earlier than the establishment of excellence network. Jingdong was founded in June 18, 1998, was founded in May 2000. Sometimes, the first person to eat crab is to earn, this is the truth. Initially established reputation, contacts, reputation is difficult to change.

third, in this year have been the end of the Jingdong to promote cooperation and raise a Babel of criticism of Baidu alliance we found that Jingdong has been in great efforts to spend a lot of money for their own large-scale publicity, and from time to time as well as the company CEO’s own micro-blog hype matters, but the Amazon do not own high-profile publicity. Therefore, in the propaganda efforts, in the well-known brand effect, excellent or not enough strength. Therefore, the author believes that enterprises should not ignore the promotion, we should attach importance to and maintain long-term cooperation with advertising alliances and other enterprises to promote cooperation.

fourth, on the data given by the initial data given by iResearch, the conversion rate is an enterprise with the survival of enterprises, the lifeblood of the hook. How to better improve and maintain order conversion rate, at this point, the data on the show, significantly higher than Jingdong. What is this,


want to talk about what is the order conversion rate, simply say that when the visitors to the site, the visitors into the site and then enhance the resident user site into consumer users, while the consumption rate is the order conversion rate. So how to increase the conversion rate? First of all, analyze the site visitor information sources, if the advertising alliance brings, there should be more detailed data, including the source, source of time; the second is a product of the operation, how to better describe and display of goods, people have the desire to buy, this is the business to want to do; finally, integrated marketing. Integrated marketing is produced by

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