nternet era of the ground war you mission

March 5, 2017

the US website is called GroupOn, and in China, this model is called "mission"".

old trick new gameplay

in today’s Internet, such as Twitter to create a completely new Internet service has become more and more difficult, it is difficult for you to grasp the user what is now still no demand can be created, your new needs more difficult to grasp you created what will not be recognized by the user. So GroupOn is very simple, from the model, it can not be vulgar vulgar, e-commerce. The more common thing is to do business, sell things. What’s more, GroupOn is doing retail, this is the industry that has started to use the shell as the currency in the world.

retail industry should be red on the earth can no longer be the Red Sea, and large international chain of commercial giants, small to the entrance of the village stalls smoke shops, competition tragic, meager profits. Is on the Internet, from eBay to Amazon, from Taobao to Jingdong, whether China or the United States, are not short of giants, of course, under the soles of the giants, but also no shortage of bodies".

but GroupOn logic seems simple and straightforward: we want to make money, how to make money the most direct sell things to users. Why do users buy things here because we’re more attractive here?. What is the most attractive and cheap?. A lot of things on the Internet are very cheap ah, then we will be cheaper to a more perverted point it!

so, GroupOn started their amazing story. In order to make the lowest prices, they make business profit. In order to allow businesses to be willing, they give businesses outside the value of sales – concern. In order to allow users to take advantage of the large proportion of businesses, they chose to buy. In order to be able to buy can be full of passion, they used the – GroupOn model: a day, the price is too low, Limited buying, expired not wait!

or sell things on the Internet, the promotion method is the most old price war, however, GroupOn play something new.

new ideas and new opportunities

on the details of the GroupOn has been a lot of articles on the Internet, there is not much discussion. But in the face of this in the limelight rapidly in the United States in a short period of time, Chinese entrepreneurs smell may belong to their new opportunities. What is the efficiency and efficiency? Just a few days ago insiders also sat together and how the United States is a GroupOn, a look back and turned to Chinese network, actually appeared several looks like the GroupOn brothers website. Looking back at China’s Internet, Sohu copy Yahoo, QQ copy ICQ, Baidu copy Google, copy Facebook…… This is one of the achievements of unimaginable entrepreneurial myth. For young people who are still pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams, maybe this is a new

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