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March 5, 2017


technology news news November 6th, double eleven approaching, the major electricity providers have started secretly wrestling, especially in the rapid logistics distribution. Today, the United States announced the launch of the online time up logistics upgrade.

According to the United States online

chairman Mou Guixian introduction, "time" is the user in the morning of the day before 12:00 orders, 20:00 night before delivery; 14:00 PM orders before 22:00 in the evening before delivery; night orders before 24:00, 14:00 the next day before delivery.

Mou Guixian appears in the "time" of the launch requires three conditions: 1, all goods sank to two or three line city warehouse; 2 and realize rapid replenishment from warehouse to warehouse city regional total allocation; 3, large and small distribution of resources and the capacity to meet the demand of distribution.

Mou Guixian revealed a number of Gome online operations and internal data, this year from November 1st -5 days, 5 days of sales has increased by more than last year, an increase of 320%. In addition, the United States also increased the online system on the back of the strengthening of the technical staff on the same period last year, an increase of 60%, in the background of the system of capital investment grew by at least three or four times.

according to Gome, Gome logistics costs accounted for about 5% of the overall cost of the United States, we even less than 2% electricity.

, however, increase the speed of delivery will increase the cost of logistics, "home appliances can be served for a day, if in first-tier cities, waves can solve most of the logistics cost, so the cost is almost not increase the number of share. But the small and medium-sized city will have the VIP delivery of the car, but this ratio will not exceed 50% of the cost will increase by 20%." Mou Guixian said that the difficulty of rapid delivery, the delivery and storage of goods on the match, which requires accurate analysis of large data. For example, 80% of the most frequently sold goods to each warehouse, other goods can only be temporary deployment.

electricity providers are doing cross-border electricity supplier, Mou Guixian revealed that the United States online in the next quarter will soon be on the cross-border electricity supplier platform. (Su Su)

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