Through the Olympic Valley SEO challenge at the domain role in SEO

March 5, 2017

is now the most popular activities on the Internet than the second search engine optimization contest, the event was held, the key words of the contest are also in the name of the day was registered

baiaogu.cn => registered view

baiaogu.com => registered view

baiaogu.com.cn => registered view

baiaogu.net => registered view

baiaogu.net.cn => registered view

baiaogu.org => registered view

baiaogu.org.cn => registered view

even friends registered baiaogu+ digital domain name domain name to participate in the competition, thus remarkable role in SEO, in addition, there are some administrative domain names such as zj.cn and hn.cn have been registered. This morning I 00:30 in Google search 100 Aogu, ranked in the top two sites are baiaogu.com and baiaogu.org, and baiaogu5.cn also ranked in the fourth position. It is worth mentioning that the third sites in the use of the form is indeed baiaogu.htm, open the page, showing the contents of the contents of this contest is webmaster network. Unfortunately the domain name registration time the site does not meet the requirements, the domain name of the website in 06 years has been registered, obviously, time of establishment of the site should be a relatively early, it can be concluded that, before the site was included in the search engine, and there is a certain weight, and the reason of the webmaster this is nothing more than to increase web traffic, and not really want to participate in this contest bonus.

can through this activity also draw a conclusion that Google is included in the website quickly Baidu than not, because the rules of the game there is a domain name must be the name of the new domain is registered after April 8th 24:00, Baidu for the new domain name included a time in a month, the site of several from Baidu to submit included general in about 15 days. So after 15 days we can decide the technical strength of Baidu optimization. Prior to this, some users in other web site for this contest reproduced including analysis because the weight of relationship will certainly advance to be included in Baidu, so, for SEOer, the optimization of the difficulty will be increased, I have a website called maliyan.com, has been included in Baidu, but when I search when Marie in Baidu, I see the site, behind a few pages to I admit, I’m not optimized, so for Baidu included rules nor >

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