How to make full use of site traffic

March 5, 2017

I recently collected and sorted out a number of information on the promotion of cooperation alliance or alliance, now summed up to share with you. I said the promotion, is actually more popular name, official name should be affiliate marketing or network membership marketing, the first to do this, do the greatest should be GOOGLE, GOOGLE and ADsense in almost all whether or not some traffic is personal website or corporate website, personal space, blog, etc. there is, and the income accounted for most of Google’s revenue sources.

Most of these

affiliate marketing website, can be roughly divided into the following two types: the first category is shopping, discount, group purchase network, belongs to the type of B2C, Taobao mall, these sites in the red child, Hui optional distribution… Model basically is the distribution percentage, different percentage for different categories of goods, such as Taobao mall, there are many large categories: such as maternal and infant supplies, health care, daily chemical products

and so on, for different categories of products, the proportion of the Commission is different. These sites often need to promote the kind of goods, they will put a lot of product code in the background for members to select members, you can choose according to the content of the site, business and preferences to fit the product. Recently in the insurance industry there are 18 e-commerce sites, such as Ping An, Taikang online, network security, network security is clear positioning their e-commerce sites, the online products are insurance card, this product is very suitable for online sales, convenient transaction, the other is the biggest advantage of it is saved logistics, because of the large amount of insurance card only online activation will be effective, recently also launched a network security alliance promotion plan, mainly is the integral plan, which is different from other B2C sites of special

second is a kind of typical GOOGLE advertising, ADsense advertising, Baidu search engine advertising alliance, Ali mother, CHANET net, OLOMO oulainuo advertising alliance, the website mainly provides advertising platform services for advertisers, through CPA (each action costs), CPC (cost per click (CPL), each registration fee), CPM (CPM) mode to pay, which is the common CPC and CPM, the website alliance will provide a lot of pictures, text advertising code for members of

More than

even if the current affiliate marketing website, in fact no matter for personal website or corporate website or choose reasonable advertising are an important way to bring the income for the site, the key is to look for advertising products on your website, advertising to moderation, now many sites are large advertising, let a person look very uncomfortable, the user experience is poor, it is easy to scare away visitors! So we must pay attention to the amount of advertising on the site, and, at this point, GOOGLE ADsense doing very well.

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