Links to 12 types and methods of acquisition

March 5, 2017

1, official link

if obtained: start from Google



cited content:

– high grade website – country or city + area


– provides links to the website


– can publish your article website


added: Official links are important to improve your site’s credibility. If you do a new site, you first have to spend some time here, get some high quality, high reliability links.


2, directory link

how to get: buy

focus: phased, short term focus on the effect is not good.


added: now there are too many useless directories. Focus on landing some of the high credibility of the directory (Yahoo dir, business.com, MSN SBD, BOTW), after you get a lot of links, and then consider other directories.


3. exchange link


How to get

: multi exchange


added: the exchange link is not a master key, should be moderate, and apply for the exchange of links to nature.


4. site link

how to get: buy

focus: the topic of high relevance to your site


5, links or related website


How to get

: make friends in various ways, and help each other

added: do not put all your stations are linked to each other, do not only focus on your topic.


6,.Edu and.Gov link

how to get: provide assistance or advice

added: there are a number of ways to get links to.Edu and.Gov, but they are generally more trusted with some of their links to the site, because they focus on link quality.


7, radio, television, magazines, newspapers link

how to get: buy, or find a reporter

focus: local news >

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