Amoy promotion should insist on analysis of 4 ways of guest promotion

March 5, 2017

said the guest, we are not familiar with


recently in the A5 also saw several articles on the guest promotion real examples, is well written, but I had no practice in several ways that


1, blog promotion

directly into the theme, in the case of things

blog promotion, also look at the key words, such as: the taobao.com Womens summer skirt, Baidu search, you will find that in second is a blog, it is a long tail keywords, the search volume is not great, a click into all links, amoy.

this gives us a train of thought, to write a blog, also need to write to the key words, try not to choose the popular keywords to do optimization, try to use the long tail keywords.

2. Search engine optimization

my main website search engine optimization, to tell the truth, I even the title, keywords are friends to help me, because I was engaged in the website design, so the optimization is not very understanding, a friend told me, let me to pull Links, I did. Pull a few good friends, I was new sites, Baidu snapshot or No. 28, only included a page, but one day there are ten IP is through the search engine over, in fact I think Links is also very important, I stand on IP100, are Links over, so, friendship try to pull.

3, advertising promotion

I had the GG advertising site (guest did not find how many types of advertising), also have a little experience, do GG advertising over IP, PV is as high as, basically reached about 1IP/15PV, is a good data, but I still have no income, the new station, just try to do GG advertising to look at the data is how! If there is economic ability, I think we should try to do GG advertising to the user experience requirements.

4. Mode

Now many are API

guest mode, so that the data does not need to maintain, can take more time to promote. But API also has a convenient interface, is called commodities, the commission can only high to low, cannot choose what is the rate of Commission (to design the program that can contact friends), generally made of CMS program sites, patterns are basically API+ theme promotion + shop promotion, my site do Taobao just do, ladies, because is the new sites, so only from the start, do fine, do, it is the site of the way.

well, I will stick to now, about 2 weeks, just a sum of income, not 2.88RMB, ha ha, very little! But also bring me confidence (when I and friends said, the worst 3 months no income), as long as we go, one day will be fine.

also welcomes guest friends and the station Links, more exchanges.

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