Electronic signing platform 1 sign announced nearly ten million Angel round of financing

March 5, 2017

September 23rd news, electronic signing platform No. 1 announced that it was completed in March this year, nearly ten million Angel round of financing, investors did not disclose. This round of financing will be mainly used for research and development of technology and the introduction of talent.

"No. 1" was founded in 2015, under the Beijing sign Seal Technology Co. Ltd., the main job is to provide a complete chain of evidence of the electronic signing service for customers, through the online electronic encryption and signing, to replace the traditional hand sign courier, fax, mail scanning confirmation method, in order to improve the operational efficiency of enterprises.

"No. 1" founder Li Xiaoming said, the market is still using the tools and methods of signing the original, use a lot of paper increases the cost of the enterprise, contract sign and seal limit influenced by time and space efficiency, starting from the point of pain, the electronic contract acceptance of more and more high, the market demand is also growing.

No. 1 is mainly to provide customers with online signing and the basic safety and document management services, to strengthen information security through cooperation and China Financial Certification Center, in addition to the scene, but also can realize the authorization and management of electronic part, meet the multi-user multi scene and use demand, flexible control permissions to avoid the occurrence of accident risk at the same time, also provide to the enterprise private cloud deployment, system solutions and API access service.

sign 1 team members currently more than 20 people, mainly to R & D personnel and marketing personnel. Li Xiaoming is the founder of Dr. BUAA communication engineering graduate, has focused on network security and anti leak areas, previously had two entrepreneurial experience.

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