Analysis on the strategy of innovation content marketing

March 5, 2017

website development cannot do without marketing, marketing is the key content of marketing, this is the key point of promoting the website brand, how can the content of the innovation of marketing? In fact, with a sincere attitude to the user is the core, that is to say in the content marketing to prohibit the fried rice overnight, or cold rice, only continue to introduce innovative themes, the novel content is content marketing way, here is a concrete analysis of the content of marketing strategy.

is the first to clear the core content of marketing, is the marketing relationship, let users through these sites and continue to condense into strong attraction, let users gradually become loyal users of the site, which is the ultimate purpose of the marketing content, now many sites in the content construction, on the site that can transfer some of the accumulation of popularity the post, can help the site to attract popularity, so the content on the website, and gradually evolved into a variety of content out of order assorted cold dishes, there is no effective guidance to the user, so the website traffic is transitory, can not form a loyal users, this type of marketing is only for the waste site, if you want to operate the brand website, so to attract customer loyalty is the key.

to construct the core content of the relationship is to fully understand the needs of the target user group, to the need to establish the content demand model, in the framework of this model in constantly enrich the content of the website, to meet the needs of users from different angles, so as to build a good relationship between the user and the final and sustainable development, in the course of the implementation process should pay attention to user needs change, from this perspective, the demand model also need to change.

second is to focus on the timeliness of data, content marketing is not to make a funny piece, the entertainment website may be more useful for creating the brand website, the authority to realize the website, the website information can be deconstructed and reconstructed, the data does not appear in this process no Falcon in authoritative data to improve the website authority. Of course, in the implementation process, also should pay attention to the relation between content and user needs, fusion keywords and content of the theme and on this basis to each platform conveying the corresponding content, can only enhance the appeal of the website.

third should pay attention to the original point of view, the content of the marketing strategy, can not blindly go to reprint other forming ideas or references to other scripts, this kind of marketing is just making do for others, apparently not attractive, the correct approach should be to me as the center, to create original views on this basis to be able to continue to build their own group of fans, because in the Internet world, often the original concept was even more precious, and the more times will be reproduced.

fourth should pay attention to content distribution channels, marketing content in addition to writing qualified content, is also very important for the choice of channel, is the so-called Like attracts like. when you Birds of a feather flock together. content distribution channels, from the second platform, or some out of the platform, even if these platforms have some of your loyalty.

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