The seller under the concept of time-honored brand is how to make

March 6, 2017

[Topic Analysis]

the world has 4000 longevity enterprises, what is the so-called longevity standards are as follows: more than 200 years, to maintain the original principle. To achieve the above two criteria, it is longevity enterprise. What is the concept of 200 years, we go back for 205 years, that is, 1810. Gengwu Jiaqing fifteen years, from this period has not changed his mind, up to today’s enterprise, is what we call the time-honored! Unfortunately, we in this 4000, account for only 10 of several. And a country, but exclusive more than 3 thousand. Why is that? We’re going to slow it down today.

is a business for more than 200 years of noodle, 200 years of wind and frost did not wash it off the edge. Every day to eat the people queuing in a continuous line, to the leaders, to the commom people. They are attracted to, not because of what is propaganda in place, a taste of the time but can not be changed. Never shop expansion, consistent from beginning to end. I think this kind of business philosophy in today, may be a lot of people do not like. The reason is simple, no more profit. There may also be a lot of people like, because this may be the standard small and beautiful. Today we are talking about the concept of the brand, and then related to the old name, below we talk about the brand.


first, the importance of brand name

today, many of us in the consumer, will choose their favorite brand. Have the ability to choose more expensive luxury brands, the public may choose more suitable for their own brand. Today, many of our luxury brands, all from abroad. In fact, we may not know, the first luxury brand from our china. In ancient China, the royal family, or the minister. Everything they use is very elegant. This leads people to imitate, but most people still despair. This is the common point of luxury, otherwise it is not luxury.

so why not spread to today, because we do not have the brand awareness. Of course, if you have a more detailed discussion, you’ll have to write another article. Most of the foreign brands are named after the founders. And most of us are named after meaning. There is no such thing as good or bad, but one thing is certain, that is, people pay more attention to intangible things than we do. And we pay attention to the essence of things, the gap between the two come out.

example 1: we walked into a domestic brand shop, after entering the shopping guide began to introduce you, this product is how good, what is the use of material, will bring you what kind of effect. Such as pure skin, pure wool, pure gold or 24K. Am I right? We tend to care about that too, including myself. So after learning, experience, sleeps very ashamed.

example 2: into the foreign brands, he would like to introduce you. Our products are designed by a designer

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