Jingdong Qingpu warehouse has now returned to normal

March 6, 2017

[Abstract] as of the evening of September 12th, in Shanghai City, Qingpu district and Jiading District government’s active coordination, Qingpu warehouse order has been fully restored to normal.


Tencent science and technology news on September 13th, Jingdong announced that as of the evening of September 12th, in Shanghai City, Qingpu district and the government of Jiading District under the active coordination of the order of Qingpu warehouse has been fully restored to normal. Donghua, Beijing, the relevant responsible person said, a small number of employees affected the normal operation of the company, the relevant government departments have been suspected of illegal disposal.

since September 5th since the night, "factor relocation compensation" requirement was rejected by the company, the Jingdong of Qingpu warehouse dozens of employees have containment warehouse door days.

this, Jingdong, said the incident took into account the safety of employees first, and did not force to stop the behavior of employees, and to maintain an active communication solutions. But trouble forced the containment door staff, resulting in a Jingdong in Qingpu storage facilities shut down for several days, Jingdong have had on the day of the incident from the original Qingpu warehouse production orders to other warehouse production.

Jingdong said, Qingpu warehouse is a Jingdong in East China 3C warehouse, a total of more than 1000 employees. Because of the building problem warehouse itself, leaking phenomenon is serious, has led to some electronic products are wet or soaking rain. Prior to this, Jingdong plans to renovate it, to be completed when the warehouse maintenance and production conditions, and then consider the restart warehouse production operations.

for a small number of employees that the company will "cross regional relocation, Jingdong said that the Qingpu provincial position adjustment does not involve relocation in the warehouse, maintenance period, the company will be priority principle to meet the demands of employees, the Qingpu warehouse repair is completed, such as the resumption of business, employees can return again, the content of the work and welfare the standard remained unchanged.

, vice president of Jingdong group general manager of the eastern region more than Rui said, "we provide a greater choice of space for employees, employees can choose free warehouse working in different locations in five parks in Shanghai of Jiading."

Jingdong said that for a very small number of employees raised the high compensation requirements, the relevant person in charge of the Jingdong during the incident consulted the relevant government departments in Qingpu and Jiading District. Qingpu district and the government of Jiading District found that there is no legal basis for the compensation requirements of a very small number of employees, making no support decision.

in the placement of employees, Jingdong for temporary work in Jiading to provide employees with a special allowance of 300 to $500 per month, and made arrangements in the shuttle bus, dormitory.

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