2015 China’s electricity supplier turnover will exceed 18 trillion

March 6, 2017


Chinese online shopping scale unprecedented rapid growth (Phototex/ for map)

ministry yesterday issued the "electronic commerce" 12th Five-Year "development plan" shows that by 2015 China’s e-commerce will further deepen the popularization, the national economic and social development with significantly improved, quadrupling the e-commerce transaction volume exceeded 18 trillion yuan.

by the planning good news, A shares of electricity supplier shares in the morning after the opening of the business in the morning, shortly after the closure of the daily limit, the focus of science and technology rushed down, closing price of 41.13 yuan / share, up by 2.01%. In this regard, business treasure chairman Sun Deliang quite touched said: "in the capital market, stock trading is a value of 10 million advertising, even also limit value of 5 million." In addition, the electronic payment concept stocks, the new world, the national aerospace information technology and other more than and 10 stocks against the market trend turned red.

specific objectives of the plan, including e-commerce transactions between enterprises more than 15 trillion yuan, online shopping and online sales accounted for the proportion of total purchases and sales of more than 50% and 20%. The ability of the network supply chain collaboration of large enterprises is basically established, and some of the leading enterprises of the industry have formed the ability of globalization. Regular application of e-commerce SMEs to reach more than 60% of the total number of smes. Online retail transaction volume exceeded 3 trillion yuan, accounting for the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods more than 9%. Mobile e-commerce transaction volume and the number of users to reach the world’s leading level.

this, "plan" put forward further requirements on the future development of the electricity supplier, for large enterprise e-commerce play the main role, to further promote the scale of the development of enterprise application system of electronic business and brand building, improve the network level and the centralized procurement transparency degree, to enhance the marketing ability. Deepen the application of e-commerce in large industrial enterprises, promote the interactive development of entity purchase and sale channels and network purchasing and marketing channels, and improve the level of supply chain and business cooperation. "Planning" to promote large-scale commercial circulation enterprises to improve the efficiency of circulation through e-commerce, expand distribution channels and market space, encourage large enterprise e-commerce platform has the condition to transform industry e-commerce platform.

to support the development of this sunrise industry, the plan also made it clear that to further broaden the channels of e-commerce investment and financing, e-commerce to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship capital support. To cultivate and develop venture capital investment, and to promote the independent innovation and Entrepreneurship of venture capital. And encourage entities in the construction of information technology to increase investment in e-commerce. Encourage financial institutions to strengthen the credit support for e-commerce.

business solutions Analysys senior vice president Zhang Ying said: "today’s Internet retailing still in adolescence, like a eighteen nine year old energetic young man, with unlimited imagination, with intelligent but not robust, not mature, enduring force to be promoted." >

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