Data analysis is the key factor to improve the conversion rate

March 6, 2017

the conversion of our country electronic commerce flow rate data is 1%, that is to say to the shopping website with 100 IP can only achieve 1 IP can be converted into sales, so the conversion rate is relatively low, the products on the website itself in line with the principle of small profits, if only there is such a conversion rate the money, it becomes very difficult, and you want to get more traffic, must spend more money into advertising, if not a good conversion rate, it is very difficult to succeed! Where is the site and improve the conversion rate the most important place? Nature is through data analysis, precision marketing own object in order to find


A: traffic source analysis allows you to find the target user

came to know that the user is your site from where, for we have targeted marketing is very helpful, because we are at the beginning of the promotion, that is all over the net, but not your website traffic analysis, how do you know which promotion method is useful, which promotion method is useless? We can also be generated by the purchase behavior of traffic analysis, see the traffic in the end is what way from here, so we can focus on this aspect of the promotion of open gap


two: is your site a user favorite site

check whether a user love a website, there are two indicators can explain, one is access depth ratio = access to more than 11 pages of user access / the total number, the other is the access time ratio = access time in 10 minutes, if the two data of the higher your website content of the more attractive

!Of course,

for a web site, in addition to the content to attract people, but also to ensure that the user’s habits are changing because of your website and, if changed, then you have to change it back now, why a lot of people are not accustomed to the use of the apple, because Apple system operating habits are left, and we use habits are right, so many people buy Apple MacBook has installed windows system, how important a habit is visible for the website, if your website violated the user’s habits, then others are difficult to stay for a long time on your website


in addition to the content on the website if you are shopping website, then the product description is beautiful, it is easy to let the user have the desire to buy, and improve the credibility of the product, if the product instructions are relatively poor, will let users feel not bought at ease, and this is not assured, others it is difficult to go shopping! These are actually through data analysis and then modify the


three: through data analysis to help improve the site registration rate

A very popular member of marketing

on the Internet now, most of the business enterprise will adopt a membership marketing approach, so how to make these new members be your source of profits? It must learn the data analysis.

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