Tencent’s O2O layout and then expand Southern China City 175 million investment B2B electricity supp

March 6, 2017

introduction: Teng million (August 29, 2014, Wanda, Baidu, Tencent announced in Shenzhen jointly funded Wanda e-commerce company incorporated in Hongkong, Wanda holds a 70% stake in Baidu, the Tencent holding 15% of the shares. Wanda electricity supplier plans to invest three yuan in the past 5 billion years, force O2O business. ), is just rising, September, online quickly fire up and a new word, "Teng Blackmer who is with Baidu, Tencent gezonglianheng, who is who in Ma on the NYSE, Ali to the backyard lit a fire? For a time, Marco Polo the word in Baidu search volume we have soared on the" horse "is full of curiosity.

September 16, 2014, attended the China Nancheng and Marco Polo strategic explanation meeting (the meeting announced the 175 million China Nancheng strategic investment Marco Polo 19% shares), the reporter interviewed the founder Su Jiting I horse Marco Polo, listen to the talk but before the man off the reel, has been low-key work in Quanzhou as we unveil the past, now Marco Polo the veil.


Ali on, why Marco Polo advance into the field of


was founded Marco Polo, is my second venture.

in 1997, I founded the aodeao company, which is related to air a R & D, production and sales as one of the purification company. At present, the products have been sold in 57 countries and regions in the world. I think I caught up with a good time, when the external environment is very good, the state vigorously advocated the independent high-tech industry. Our air purifier, fresh air system (European best-selling) market share was up to 17.6%, into the Chinese market share of the top three.


not only allows me to earn a pot of gold, also let me realize financial freedom. In 2004, a business partner is enabled, I no longer responsible for specific affairs aodeao, began a 3 year long travel life. At that time every day playing in each big golf course around the world, the first year feel particularly excited, feel good to second years, third years to feel a little boring. Coupled with Xu Xiaonian chat, he advised me to make good use of their resources and time, I began to find new business opportunities.

is, in 2006, our big customer of Electrolux under a big order, but they were required to achieve motor speed of 2800 rpm, General Motors suppliers are not satisfied, I was looking for, the Alibaba found, he provided me with only a few motor suppliers. Because Ali’s business model, like Kabasiji, only to pay a membership fee to upload information, so there are 99% of the companies on the Ali is not subject to service. This thing stimulated me. I can use the 360 year to combat Kabasiji and Kingsoft free mode, the rapid accumulation of database users.

second, doing aodeao >

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