Nutshell, CEO Ji thirteen three common scientific research and Entrepreneurship

March 6, 2017


Ji thirteen shell network CEO

May 28, 2014, sponsored by the IDG capital wholly owned, venture capital magazine co sponsored IDG campus entrepreneurship contest will be held at University of Science & Technology China, twelfth. The campus entrepreneurship competition for all undergraduate and graduate school, aimed at mining talented developers and technology geeks on campus. Nutshell, CEO Ji thirteen in the theme of the speech that entrepreneurs like to engage in scientific research. As a science student, most people have the experience of doing scientific research, these experiences are very useful for the future business, because they have very similar. He was the founder of the company in order to allow a wider spread of science and rationality.

The following text is

Ji thirteen speeches, without my review:

I am Ji thirteen, when I was in a grass root is a very young man, when Han (Senior Vice President Han Zhiyong points of science and technology, operation) when dancing in the school with Anhui University’s beautiful, I was holding a telescope to see the western ontario. I was not a good student. After graduation, I went to Graduate School of Fudan University, because I think that if I continue to stay in such an environment of science and technology, will hinder my understanding of the diversity of the world. But the shell is still a very strong atmosphere of company, COO Yao Di, is that our investor is Xiaojun Li hkust.

today I share the theme of entrepreneurship is to engage in scientific research, most of the people here may have to engage in scientific research experience, these experiences are very useful for your future business, because there is a great similarity of these two things.

in 1996 I went to the Department of biology, and then went to Fudan University to pursue the diversity of life, and then met a news department girlfriend, which led me to another direction. From that time on, I began to put together the understanding of the text and science, popular science writing. When graduating, I put myself into a scientific research. I’m interested in science, but I don’t have to do it myself, and I spend a lot of time making myself a science communicator.

later, I worked with a group of people with the same background to do research and writing, so that more people know us, and do a scientific squirrel. At that time, the cultural circle was controlled by the liberal arts students, and the southern weekend also published an article that said, "science students also have spring". It also makes me realize that if science and reason have a wider spread, science students can also occupy the commanding heights. 2010 to get venture capital, I founded a shell network.

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is a core member of our media crowd, core editor from new discoveries, global science and new exploration of the domestic first-line media science consists of the founding team of core shell network. We went to interview a lot of scientists, did a lot of in-depth interviews, before they published articles can be earlier

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