Buy site credit certification indicates that the industry reshuffle

March 6, 2017

group purchase site this year is unusual hot, from the beginning of the hundred regiments to the rapid development of today’s thousand group war, economic law but any industry can not get rid of nature, development to a certain extent will face major reshuffle of the industry. Group purchase website credit certification rules concern recently started, it is understood that the more than and 300 filing of the group purchase website, received the first batch of credit certification of only more than and 20, most of the site is not approved, which indicates that the group purchase will significantly enhance the threshold of the industry, there will be a large number of group purchase website facing elimination. (through the first batch of group purchase website list: 19 group, 24 group, 58 group, 321 coupons, F group, and QQ group, YOKA group purchase life, enjoy excellent group, love group, bonco net, tick group, the first video, comment, Fantong, handle network, full network, the U.S. group net, hand in hand, regulating the family network group purchase network, Sohu love group, group of musicians, club, the network, Wo Wo Group, snail net, HI group network, now the league, China network, cool group net.


also according to some news reports, through the certification audit group purchase enterprise which has 2 of the assets of 100 million yuan, assets of more than 10 million of the 9, through the certification through the group purchase website name, it is not difficult to see that the group purchase website is certified by some strength and strong financial support of the website, and small and medium sized enterprises individual entrepreneurs seems to be no authentication.

probably learned that there must be several thresholds to pass the certification.

is the first threshold, the individual shall not apply, enterprises can only qualify for, i.e. individual entrepreneurs will have no chance to get the credit certification of the group purchase website, it has become a considerable strength of enterprise patent.

second threshold: enterprise registered capital of not less than 500 thousand. Even if is the enterprise, not some financial support, there is no chance to get certified, but look through the certification of group purchase website list, I estimate that even if a millions of funds to support the group purchase website, the possibility seems to be to pass the certification is slim.

third threshold: certification fees and multiple certification cumbersome procedures. What is the specific cost of certification is not very clear, but I think in addition to a number of legitimate expenses, will also need to have some other hidden costs? I believe many enterprises have to deal with some issues related to headache experience, cumbersome trouble, also to run around, I hope this group purchase website certification procedures can be simple. Group purchase site certification fees and certification procedures for these levels, may be hundreds of millions of millions of levels of enterprises is certainly not what, but for small and medium-sized enterprises and some entrepreneurs may be a heavy burden.

as for the authority of the group purchase website credit certification of what we currently unable to determine the market and time is the best fact; but I think that if the threshold would kill a lot with the potential for the development of small and medium-sized group purchase website, also a lot of deprivation of entrepreneurial opportunity; these are barriers to stripping >

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