The electronic commerce thriving overseas host help enterprise development

March 6, 2017

Analysis of

IDC Chinese study released the white paper said that in 2008 Chinese e-commerce transactions amounted to 3 trillion and 100 billion yuan, an increase of more than 40%, the total e-commerce transactions in 2009 25100 billion magnitude, 2010 is 32200 yuan, in the international market demand weak situation, the domestic e-commerce is still full of infinite vitality.

with the further advance of economic globalization and Internet era coming, e-commerce has become the current IT industry one of the most popular topics, they give the foreign trade industry has brought enormous business opportunities, a considerable number of trading companies from their constructed platform has been very high interest, many traditional trade company have set up their own website or service sites and other information platform, but because of the trade website construction is not mature or neglect of basic level construction and other reasons, resulting in a large part of the company to expand the business or trade is still stagnant.

The development process of

in electronic commerce, electronic commerce, be in full swing in the infinite vitality of the situation, many businesses have found that such problems, their own e-commerce website success is not always obvious how to use e-commerce to expand the global market

?Southern China

overseas IDC brand service provider Internet world (www.cnpei.cn) technical experts believe that the electronic commerce website to build intelligent, first need to change to the supplier as the core of the model, the establishment of a good user experience.

according to the famous website 8 second law, users visit the site, waiting for the site to open more than 8 seconds, there will be more than 50% of users to give up waiting, so the loss of more than 30% customers. Because Chinese and international backbone interface is small, the network congestion problem is serious, so that overseas users access to domestic websites will inevitably slow, do business around the world if we do not solve the website latency problems, it is difficult to estimate the loss of business.

in electronic commerce and some foreign websites, the top ten domestic IDC Internet service provider brand world e-commerce and foreign trade business to help the enterprises, the integration of global resources of nodes, solve the bottleneck problem of overseas, a department of the United States launched a special speed and performance are very strong among American space, in the world’s top – room the United States of Seattle and Dallas data center, with the highest efficiency to solve all kinds of problems often encountered in electronic commerce activities for the enterprise, the United States launched the Internet world space including 300M, 50M, G2, G1 spatial database of G5, G10, and space container, support a variety of database and scripting language, enjoy independent foreign space IP, and the agent can also enjoy foreign space folding two months concessions, to help enterprises to win in the best condition in the competition of electronic business At the starting point.

e-commerce model has now been able to complete the majority of transactions through the network. Significantly reduce transaction time, reduce transaction costs, and enable customers to better understand the order

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