Crane industry website planning program sharing

March 6, 2017

reason: according to Zhuhai launched sail construction site survey on the Internet now has Chinese crane, crane China lifting machinery, are Zhengzhou enterprises do, make a rough comparison, but cannot attract users, not what business value. Guangdong province and crane is more no good network, so as to make Guangdong crane network industry portal will be in Baidu, GOOGLE on the top, and relatively easy to obtain a certain popularity in the crane industry can.

operation: Six cooperation mode, set sail Zhuhai website construction operation, three people in charge of technical construction and maintenance, one person is responsible for updating and one person sales.

a, site positioning

1, become the leading position in the crane industry portal.

2, crane industry information resources, human resources, business resources and control release.

3, the use of the site’s status and resources for member companies to carry out a variety of value-added services and profit from.

two, industry portal business value analysis

1, advertising services: brought together the industry’s eye for the industry as the target market for businesses, in this site targeted advertising targeted strong, timeliness strong. Common advertising methods are: link advertising, ranking service.

2, information services: for members to provide information delivery, subscription, business opportunities and other information search.

3, business services: to provide business assistant services for registered businesses, information dissemination, business opportunities and other functions.

4, business intelligence: the collection of a large amount of information on the basis of the analysis of the business rules of the industry, to provide compensation to enterprises in the industry.

three, website profit model analysis

according to sail Zhuhai website construction analysis


1 website advertising: as the site of relatively mature and common profit model, crane B2B (B2B is the enterprise of enterprise website) for the advertising industry enterprise more attractive, because the vertical B2B website advertising relative to other advertising, the user group and the target group is more direct and more effective advertising.

2 registered membership fees, provide free membership and differentiated services: according to the website function, set permissions for user service members, according to the different membership privileges enjoyed by the determined membership level and membership fees.

3 search bidding, pay recommendations, such as: B2B supply and demand information search for the formation of the transaction has the most direct promotion, and the ranking and classification of information naturally become the focus of attention of customers.

4: Trading drawn into profit by providing trade matching, professional research and consulting services to charge, and with partners into.

5 enterprise information services: for industry enterprises >

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