Wu Feng clever creation of network promotion articles

March 6, 2017

recently and some friends asked Wu Feng to write the article network promotion skills, really think highly of Wu Feng, a little unexpected thanks, overwhelmed by an unexpected favour, but also feel ashamed, Wu Feng is just "out of poverty" is not running, can only say "a" dare to write something, write well far from writing. The article has been weak, from primary school to university, the subject is afraid of writing, only a sophomore is praised by the teacher, wrote a passionate helpful article, because it is his personal experience, write smoothly, win in the real true feelings. Last year for MBA (ultimately not admitted), open to write 2 essays in the examination, the bad death strength, finally didn’t force yourself, do not write an article hastily left hand, then deeper and certainly in my life on the road is not writing material.

at the beginning of this year also dawdle intends to report a writing class, because there is no suitable training opportunities and give up, coincidence, 3 months before entering a push marketing school, jianglikun classroom teachers emphasize repeated write more articles, and has repeatedly stressed the benefits: write write fast set personal brand; by writing articles can make friends; summarize the experience and is conducive to the promotion of knowledge system of carding, too many benefits it is self-evident. Because I wanted to learn network promotion, Jiang Likun teacher said to 3 months of continuous promotion of actual combat and adhere to the original written by, or before the final I now dare to write, a few days ago coincides with a push to celebrate the two anniversary of the 3 months, "write music history" written off together, a push to release "Wu Feng: a push in the three months of" gorgeous ". Wu Feng to do a little bit of effort and everyone to write a network to promote the experience of some of the experience.

content and style, sharing, more practical, occasionally dry cargo

content is king, the chain for the emperor, the site has repeatedly stressed the importance of content, the same, the content is the soul of the article. Content not attract users to watch other more beautiful forms, the network promotion person jianglikun, Liu Songsong Mou Changqing, respected Master Master and 90 field Bowen et al the bright younger generation, many of them post reading, let people harvest having substance in speech, a lot, why they are popular articles, other do not say first the most important, or the content, reading can make you feel, experience, or some viewpoints in this paper can make people gain, and very easy to implement.

Wu Feng debut very shallow, wrote several original articles, some articles to see a few, some articles are popular for the reason, find the rules, this article feel welcome, are to promote the experience in network sharing, practical and meticulous, if occasionally put some dry cargo should be welcome. Wu Feng also read many articles, each day takes 1 hours to supplement the network promotion knowledge, but found a rule, most of the articles are general details, "strategy of " the majority of the article, this paper just about, the actual operation can refer to.

practical articles will be more popular. >

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