Entrepreneurs, you need to learn these marketing skills to micro dealers

March 6, 2017

read a lot of micro business articles, too much water, after all, in order to advertise.

last night to listen to the feelings of friends: a friend at the bank said, there is a woman to do micro business loans 1 million, the last time the loan has been on the 1 million, said to have bought a villa of 10 million……

we were like a swarm of bees exploded: it must be an agent, do not know how much below the net, more down more profitable.

did not want to hold the meaning of micro business, it is impossible to belittle those who, after all, by virtue of their own strength to engage in micro business entrepreneurs housewives, students in school…… You want to express ideas only a micro business have the earliest start business success stories or many, and this hidden behind the marketing, perhaps those of us network people, entrepreneurs should pay more attention to the.


article on how to do micro business, but may provide a new way for Entrepreneurs: those you do not hesitate to delete the micro business body, have you catch "network marketing" energy.

first, team awareness

from the first level to level four or even more, in addition to the interests of the relationship between them, there is still a greater partnership between the three.

for example, hand, pyramid type teaching, rather than marketing, we might as well change a correct view of energy, this is a kind of mutual benefit best teamwork, superior agents have experienced resources but lack of manpower, subordinate agents accumulated contacts but no operational experience, when the agent to study the knowledge teach in the subordinate agency, both sides can benefit.

second, all kinds of occasion to marketing

, for example, "Ma Yun said today the circle of friends is" chicken soup, and the whole circle of friends tomorrow "someone’s husband" heart warming Raiders, most people are good copy strategy is this:

today a customer told me something, I feel very reasonable, he said: "you see, cheap things, only when you buy the moment is happy, not for the day is happy; the quality of good things, give money to the moment love is, when used, is happy every day, feeling particularly worth


said Ma Yun, sun star, is the most common occasion, with the aid of the network on the warm heart piece, can play the final purpose or the "in the philosophy of life, and to subtly suggest product advantages of the piece.

third, understand the user, the user can pull the nerves and emotions

we are now more like some of the red network, have a kind of ability: to mobilize your nerves, make you relaxed moment or indignation. With friends around you, you will encounter this situation, you always like to talk to some of the talk, happy to talk to the people, the focus is almost all you can mobilize each other’s good

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