Network marketing the success of the nternet hype

March 6, 2017

in the Web era, many large, medium and small web site within the shortest time to traffic surge, but rely on: Forum marketing, blog marketing, buy traffic, pay promotion, keyword bidding, network hype and so on. However, I am more interested in – the Internet hype.

network hype, can let you overnight; also can let you overnight One’s reputation was a byword. How many network Reds are relying on the network hype overnight, for example: the beauty of wood, pomegranate brother, Sister Lotus, fairy sister… And so on; how many people overnight One’s reputation was a byword.: Edison Chan, Song Zude, Zhou Zhenglong… Wait。 Thus, the amazing role of network hype.

, however, how should we make good use of the network hype? The hype of the network technology in which the way the network hype?

a, Hype:

1, the topic of speculation: the topic of speculation is that you want to work with others, out of its way. Such as how to others boast Chen Shuibian how terrible, you have to struggle on him. Others on the Baidu shady events, you will make money desperately to praise Baidu… And so on this topic.

2, events such as the latest speculation: Shanghai East kappa female college students, the event with her boyfriend when the close photos on the Internet to the event and so on, let them overnight.

3, divided into activities in the form of speculation: speculation: should, when several seasons, such speculation out of thin air mode, such as: I am working on portal of the recent speculation activities: 100 thousand couplet (creative, out of thin air hype), 09 spring exhibition, 100 Jialian (should) blog on the world the crisis (should).

two, hype skills:

so, we can according to the above network hype case draw the following several points of network hype and network hype skills:

1, curiosity: everyone has a curious heart, the so-called "curiosity killed the cat", according to Edison Chan’s colourful door events, Shanghai East kappa female nude video event and the case can be seen. Therefore, the skills of the Internet hype: seize people’s curiosity.

2, gossip: many people say they don’t gossip, but if say: Today XXX became president of the United States, he is to do this by XXX position of news, XXX actress seduce XXX rich photos, XXX put her nude photos on the Internet. If you don’t gossip, you won’t read the news, and if you don’t gossip, you won’t get it. Therefore, the network hype skills two: Gossip heart

3, bonus: the so-called windfall refers to a lot of people want to get some benefits, at the same time the Internet such as mobile phone, small gifts, earn a little money.. And so on, these are

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