A push on the Yangtze River Station Li Kun Yue Fang

March 6, 2017

Le Fang, anyway, don’t fall in love with a wonderful,


Le Fang line has been more than a month, traffic increased slowly from 50 to 100, just 2 days before the break 200 mark, as a webmaster I worried ah, very helpless. Promotion of every day in the way of many webmaster, understand the same skills, see others 3, can make the IP to tens of thousands, eyes are red, glittering, how is my


holds many very much puzzled I came, a push, turn to the famous Jiang Likun webmaster. Le Fang is to introduce some strange and eccentric things, weird things and interesting digital. The location of Jiang Likun received the affirmation, he spoke highly of the website to become an independent school content features, content for the users of the curiosity is very attractive to the people can see the freshest and most unbelievable thing. However, he is concerned about the multitude of Internet information, how to ensure the unique content and coherence.

because the music is DEDECMS strange lane of the template technology has been very mature, now the only remaining problem is to determine a good keywords and more outside chain. On how to determine the key words, also the netizen gives good advice, keyword is uncommon, best can put the popular word elements into in. This is a time to push, really worthwhile trip.

is most concerned about is how to promote the site, from the site so far, more or less, but also some understanding, summed up the three law and the six way to promote the secret. Master Jiang Likun especially puts forward: the forum post marketing, viral marketing assistant. Choose a good starting point, in each big forum registration some forum posts and articles published after the vest, his hair, his top. The article is best to match the above, in the picture above the LOGO and publicity. At the same time, the text and the end can be properly integrated into the ad.

finally, master Jiang Likun suggested Le strange Fang extra interactive elements, such as DIGG, users share function etc.. Le Fang thank Jiang Likun webmaster ebullience pointing, just today is Thanksgiving, gratitude, thank you for your concern, thank you for your help…… In this heart of Thanksgiving, please accept my sincere wishes: peace, happiness, health, happiness.

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