You use it to change the life of micro blog website promotion.

March 6, 2017

believes that a lot of people like to write a few words or a few sentences to record their feelings and experiences in QQ’s personality signature and MSN’s personal information field. I also have this habit, may be QQ and MSN avatar is not changed every day, but the character is updated every day in the signature. It is not just a simple record of the feelings of life and fun entertainment, but also a kind of self display, I hope more friends from the individual signature to understand your concern about you, and therefore get to know more friends. In the pursuit of freedom and individuality in the 1990s, the Internet has become the best platform to show themselves information, instant messaging, blog, forums, social networking sites to provide people with different communication way to display themselves. And now, the rise of micro blog this self will show the type of communication to a new mode of micro blog represents a new, more open and convenient information transmission, than ordinary blog more innovative, more interactive, more simple, more quickly is the biggest characteristic of it. Users can Web, mobile phone, qq/msn signature way to send short messages on the micro blog, may the news to be a blog, but a large number of short information gathered, enough to make the micro blog become a more powerful than a blog information platform.

micro blog in the country has just started, but its prospects have been optimistic about the industry. Today, people’s work life rhythm faster and faster, there are a lot of office workers do not have enough time to soak in the blog to update the article. The micro blog is small, fast and convenient has been favored. Micro blog also attracted a lot of celebrity users. Like the United States, twitter, 08 U.S. presidential election, Obama had used it to release their itinerary information. Many entertainment, sports stars also have twitter accounts. But at home, like Fanfou, muttering, jiwai several micro blog also gathered a lot of popularity. The application of micro blog is becoming more and more popular, and it has become a new medium for people to share their life. Adsense nets satisfied think for personal webmaster, micro blog is a new channel for the promotion of the site owners, usually love to some weight high blog to promote their own website, also can register several blogs published the soft chain increases to their website. The emergence of micro blog will bring new models and methods to promote the site, the webmaster has been aware of this, and the use of micro blog to promote their own website?

maybe some will say, have begun to use micro blog to promote their site, but the effect is not obvious, such as whether the meal, update too fast, want to release a promotion related news, a few seconds is a huge amount of new information flooded, how should this be good? In fact, like any meal, the micro-blog twitter station promotion effect is very obvious, some Adsense just don’t understand the characteristics of the blog? When you know its characteristics, promotion will be easier.


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