Talk about how to eat a free marketing dinner effect will be better

March 6, 2017

now website operators want to eat free meal is more and more difficult, think that year SEO optimization was born, the chain of garbage and pseudo original articles are filled with the Internet, let the Internet become a potential recycling garbage, although the SEO was not to optimize the Internet to make a big contribution, but free the big dinner is very cool, don’t you see those who build up the family fortunes and dry carnitine. However, the higher the level of intelligent Baidu algorithm, want to send junk content, garbage and other ways to engage in marketing has become increasingly difficult.

not only that traditional as in postings on the forums, blog articles, QQ and WeChat marketing road, began to become more and more difficult, the key is to need to spend a lot of money to do marketing, marketing and so the final result is difficult to grasp, let alone talk about free marketing strategy. But everything has its two sides, as long as the right way to find, or to allow the majority of the owners to eat free marketing dinner, I think we can take the following two roads.

first, based on social media marketing this way. This free meal is not good, but if you can eat, then a meal can be reached for a month, so we have to work hard in the social media. Currently the most popular social media than WeChat and its circle of friends. It is for the circle of friends of marketing is a good method for free, and the circle of friends has certain viscosity, in order to improve the target conversion rate and customer loyalty are difficult to replace other social media, even the Tencent’s own products are difficult to replace QQ.

how can eat free meals through the WeChat marketing circle of friends? A very important tips that follow the step-by-step rules, because you want to eat for free, the total can not carry out marketing violence, but to the silent strategy, through the construction of the WeChat public account platform, and then release some of the public no advertising information in the media or related forums, or publish some wonderful content in person, circle of friends, and then at the bottom of the content with your public number, in order to increase the number of WeChat public number of fans, and then use the circle of friends for marketing. Of course, the most difficult thing in this process is to write the contents of marketing, a good content can often play a multiplier effect. If you do not have the ability in this regard, it is also a good way to do it is necessary to invest.

second, that is, through the SEO optimization to eat free marketing dinner. Although the Baidu algorithm is becoming more intelligent, but in essence or in order to improve the Internet, to achieve a win-win situation, so long as the quality of your web site is good enough, so Baidu shows the opportunity is very high. For marketing, the more important is to attract the target customers, then keywords optimization, especially the long tail keywords optimization, is the key element to attract the target user. There are many ways to optimize the long tail keyword, which gives Baidu drop-down list and Baidu index and Baidu related

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