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March 6, 2017

we know that a few days ago, WeChat’s official website issued a number of measures to prohibit the way to test questions to guide users to focus on our micro signal. We can see a lot of large is at the bottom of the article to do the test questions, and then guide the reader to click on the focus and then reply to what a keyword will be able to know the answer to the question. So let’s talk about whether we should do the test questions now.

1. How to guide the reader to get the answer


before we do is to guide the attention micro signal, it is on the reading of the text, click on the micro signal in attention, but reply to a keyword to know the answer to the question, do we have to pay attention to the reader after the micro signal can we know the answer to the question so, that we are in the official guide users to pay attention to our fans as cheating, it attracted fans are now considered cheating, will be cleared. So we have to ask what should we do? First, we need to step is simple, we do not for the purpose of guiding readers attention but interactive, we can do a quiz at the bottom of the article directly and then reply directly to key words, we can say that the answer "X" can know the answer, do not have to go to what do we read the original text, so there is no violation of official restrictions. First of all, we are attracted by the high quality of the fans, as long as he wants to know the answer, then it will focus on their own and then restore the key to know the answer.

two. Q & A benefits

then asked, what are we doing good? Now that I can tell you, first we do some benefits can guide the reader to become our fans, second is very good and friends. We do so we fans will feel we are real, we do test then we fans will reply to get the answer, it is like to do the same to optimize the user experience to do. If every day we are sent to some content that our fans will feel very boring, every day is content to see also feel more boring, if do ask if he did right will feel a sense of accomplishment, wrong will be bored to death how can it be wrong.

so I personally think it is necessary to do Q & A, we do not focus on the guidance to do, our purpose is to interact and then get a high quality fans.

three. How can we have fans willing to pay for our test questions?

If the

is to do the test so we need to find the test is very classic, need to attract readers, let him think that this test is very classic very want to know the answer, even if we do not pay attention to guide he will also pay attention to the fans we become, so we must test content.

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