Girl electronic business platform to transform the box millions of angel round investment

March 6, 2017

hit the girls’ underwear production and sales of electronic business platform "transformation box" for investors shall be an angel round millions of dollars invested, billion euros in November last year reported the obtained by the million seed round of financing investment hit off the headquarters.

According to

billion euros, "metamorphosis box" was founded in August 2015, is a focus on adolescent girls to do shopping business platform, the target user group is 12-18 year old adolescent girls, girls’ underwear platform from the start, the girl cut vertical market. The founder and CEO Wang Xiaoyan told billion euros, "metamorphosis box" of the future will develop into the exclusive shopping platform for adolescent girls and focus on girls enlightenment education, hope to do what they want to meet girls, filled with their own products and services "boudoir".

from the last round of financing only half a year round, to get millions of dollars Angel round of investment. Wang Xiaoyan said that the company has basically completed the platform has been completed, the angel round of funds will be mainly used to accelerate the improvement of the team, improve efficiency.

transformation box providing data show that the first transformation of girls’ underwear box has been launched in November last year, and soon sold one thousand sets. Wang Xiaoyan said, the first girls’ underwear appeared not to earn a profit, but another purpose, first, to test the market and confirm the purchaser identity; second, to achieve a certificate market defect data collection. Because the girls’ underwear market is not mature, 2006 began to have this category, but not by the supply side market attention, so the current market data are not standardized, many products do not comply with the chest type modern girls, consumers without proper guidance and the current market, many parents will focus more on the child’s learning and performance, the physiological and developmental stages of the enlightenment education is ignored, is not conducive to the healthy development of adolescent physical and psychological. So Wang Xiaoyan hopes to be able to improve the physical and mental health of growing girls through a personal item such as underwear.

Wang Xiaoyan said the production and design of

transformation in the girls’ underwear box, box, transformation platform has been using large amounts of data, can accurately calculate the chest type of adolescent girls proportion, designed for this type of breast underwear, and according to user purchasing data, update the database in real time, real-time optimization of products. The current supply chain can now reach three new products per month, while most of the traditional lingerie manufacturers are only on the new year’s top 6. Design, there are three girls underwear designer, the design direction are: from the fabric material innovation, lace creativity and technological breakthroughs.

for why the choice of non well-known investors, Wang Xiaoyan told billion euros, the reason is that the angel of the angel angel investment box is very supportive of the enlightenment education. In the angel round, in fact, there are many choices, traditional enterprises, investment institutions and well-known investors, etc., is willing to contribute most of the traditional enterprise." Wang Xiaoyan said with a smile, "but I chose a non – well-known investor

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