Electricity supplier brand media trends analysis

March 6, 2017

the world is changing too fast, the impact of science and technology on life than we imagine a serious, marketing environment has also become very fast. Recently, a website recently announced a different age of computer and mobile phone and other digital products survey showed that 90 young people use rate is a decreasing trend of traditional TV, white-collar workers even more, and use the computer every day almost 100%, with 100% mobile phone every day; change 80 media habits after 70, more obvious.

for the electricity supplier brand promotion, but also gradually from a single TV advertising to computer advertising, micro-blog, mobile news, etc.. This is undoubtedly a big progress, but also to adapt to the development trend of the network. In these people, each population occupied consumption is underestimated, 90 to love luxury, and has always been the trend of cutting-edge businesses pursued. However, in fact, after 70, 80, is the real spending power, the real consumer, should focus on. Although the heart of 90, but not necessarily that force, after all, is just out of the cottage small calf. After the 70 is full of ideal generation, workaholic, struggle to realize their own value; 80 after generation is the internationalization of the generation, and strive for our better life; these two generations, is now the subject of all aspects of society.

determine the main target consumer groups, you have to understand what the age of the sensitivity of the topic. 70 in addition to the theme of the work is the stock, 80 after the topic of the Premiership, Warcraft, star gossip, fans group. Therefore, the business is most important to understand what is the life trajectory of consumers now in their contact and effective platform for the point, accumulated a strong brand, to attract their attention, so as to achieve brand marketing.

for advertising time, is a great knowledge. The classic interpretation of advertising time: the most important time for consumers is the best time for advertising. All the public dissemination of the advertisement, you see why, the reason is very simple, consumers will choose advertising in the advertising and boring!! this is micro-blog to seize the consumer the most boring, the most important time, the success of


finally, for analysis of consumer behavior, we must dig deep into the. From the mass media to the breakdown of the media to the ultimate personality of the media, from one-way media to two-way interactive media; do not study consumer behavior, do not keep up with the times, you will be eliminated!!

media trends:

1, the change in people’s consulting model: the transition from TV to Internet phone

2, people’s lifestyle change: from a single to diversity and fragmentation change

3, in order to get the success of the business in the future, we must seize the fragmentation of time in a variety of space and time

4, advertising and word of mouth is equally important, advertising which brands to enter into the purchase of the directory, word of mouth is often decided

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