Do a good job in the community to promote low-cost B2B industry website

March 6, 2017

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B2B industry portal website promotion" third chapter of 4 combat cheats, many B2B industry portal website of very great importance to the industry information, forum, blog, etc., know the space community, which for the site of the original article, user stickiness, brand visibility and influence, to create a search engine on the web the rating will have a lot of impact. In particular, the new opening of the B2B industry segments soon, if the search engine promotion is not done, it will cause traffic is very low, not enough influence, no one is willing to pay money to you. Of course, this point in many sectors of the B2B website, may not be too good, because of the large industry B2B website, the scope of knowledge, technology industry is too broad, and the big industry rely solely on the B2B website column also allows website business users to reach a level greater than the number, do not attach importance to the industry the knowledge section, also can. The following from the user needs, the network service model, search engine marketing, improve the comprehensive influence of the site and other aspects to explain in detail the benefits of B2B industry website emphasis on industry knowledge.

1 industry users have a great demand for industry information, technology, market, marketing and management knowledge

I in the first report of "B2B industry portal planning practical research report" in about B2B industry portal user group division, including a first excerpt:

"to differentiate it from another angle, B2B industry is divided into individual users and business users, between individual users and business users sometimes have no obvious interval, only to the user’s current demand for judgment standard. For example: when a member of technical staff as a company’s website to learn industry knowledge, he is only individual users, to improve the ability to work through the study of knowledge, a better job, learning; but when the technical staff told by the company, we would like to purchase a batch of equipment now, purchasing a software, this technology people came to the site, select the appropriate suppliers, equipment and software to choose better, report to his boss, a software or equipment is good, recommended to choose a particular brand of equipment. This time even if the person is registered on the platform of individual members, but he needs to show that he is for enterprise users. There is also a person, maybe he is now an employee of the enterprise, see the industry dynamics in the B2B industry website, learn the knowledge of the industry, is the individual user behavior, but when he opened the company, he will think of this platform for his business, this time he might become your charge customer."

The practice shows that

industry knowledge column ultimate aim is to become the enterprise business services, membership fees, advertising, is nothing more than to get buyers, and provide individual learning, the work of the service, the final goal is to be able to provide the buyer for customers from various sources. In an enterprise, everything revolves around the business, but it must be understood that in most of the enterprises, the people concerned about technology, market, management will be more than just off

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