How to do nternet Marketing

March 6, 2017

      a few days ago, received a hope and my web site to exchange links to the message, the content is well written, the site has done a good job, but I found that this e-mail is actually a mass. I lost my mind. Think of an article recently read an American e-mail marketing, I feel the gap is too large. It is often said that the manufacture of Germany, the United States marketing. From the American network marketing, we can see.
      e-mail visitors to the website into buyers

      e-mail always gives people a new way to generate and retain customers. The following is a clever way to turn visitors into buyers through e-mail. The technology used in the sale of a variety of goods on the site will have very good results, of course, it can also be used in any number of goods on the site.

      assume that your email list is set up to obtain a license, and these email addresses are in accordance with the relevant legal requirements for anti spam. You have my address on this list. I visited your sports memorabilia website, and your COOKIED gave me, you can follow me to visit those web pages and what products are studied.

      it is common for users to give up browsing, which is a big problem for online retailers. Maybe people give up browsing due to your site navigation is not clear, the price is not appropriate, the goods can not meet or other factors. But there are a lot of things that have nothing to do with your site. No matter how well your site is designed, many people are leaving for other reasons. I left your site for the following reasons, I would like to return:

      I was called to a meeting.

      I have a phone call.

      I’m going to take the dog out.

    the child cried.
      my teenage son asked me to take part in a tennis match.

      I disconnect.

      my ISP is out of order.

      visitors leave the site with a number of reasons that cannot be controlled by the web site, but there are some ways to make these visitors return.

      thanks to cookie, you can know that I browsed the Mickey Mantl> before leaving

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