Unicorn February financing $2 billion 240 million exclusive Magic Leap

March 6, 2017

Sina (micro signal: sinavc News) Beijing time on March 30th morning news, according to technology blog VentureBeat reported, although the negative media coverage of the unicorn, but in February this year, or 2 companies have become the new Shanxi unicorn, unicorn, the total amount of financing $2 billion 240 million.

in the past six months, despite the major media for the unicorn published a series of negative articles, but can’t seem to stop the investor’s investment enthusiasm. Even lowered the valuation of start-up companies Fidelity Investments also launched a a unicorn investment in this period. Accel Partners also raised $1 billion 500 million for its late Investment Fund – an increase of $50% compared to the company’s last investment fund.

so, in February this year to continue this situation is not surprising. Month completed a total of 11 Unicorn financing, amounting to $2 billion 240 million. Interestingly, one of the 5 financing is a premium financing, which is the most eye-catching is augmented reality company Magic Leap. At the same time, the performance of the stock market before the unicorn is very bad.

February venture capital $2 billion 240 million

Unicorn financing in February of this year amounted to $2 billion 240 million total, brain repair, virtual display, networking and e-commerce forefront.

Internet industry leader Jasper was $1 billion 400 million acquisition of CISCO – an increase of $400 million compared to its two years ago valuation. The Jasper platform can connect with the family, medical equipment, iPhone, pet tracker and other equipment, the scope of business in over more than and 100 countries or regions. CISCO also plans to increase industrial grade Wi-Fi, and hopes to enhance the data analysis capabilities of various types of smart devices.

two new Unicorn

Swiss brain startups MindMaze completed $100 million financing, becoming one of the two new unicorn in February. The company, which has been isolated from the Swiss Confederation Institute of technology, is moving into a broader field after the introduction of virtual reality products that can simulate the neural repair process of brain injured survivors. The new investment comes from London’s Hinduja Group.

another new Shanxi unicorn is Dubai Souq.com, its nickname is "the middle of the amazon". The company raised $275 million through tiger Global Fund and Naspers. Souq.com was founded in 2005 to provide 400 thousand goods to consumers in the month of 24 million.

monthly financing Champion: Magic Leap

Magic Leap in February this year, the monthly financing champion. After the $793 million 500 thousand financing in February, the Florida

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