Soft text is intended to promote but also can not mislead the reader to exaggerate the facts

March 6, 2017

as a webmaster, but to understand the soft. Write soft Wen has become a compulsory course. Do not write the webmaster said he did not know how to promote the soft is not too. Write soft text is to promote, although advertising is one of the methods of promotion, but there is a big difference between soft and advertising. Advertising allows you to look at a glance, you know it is to promote. Soft and relatively secretive emphasize is a camouflage, a hidden, in a silent form will promote information quietly instilled into your brain, and guide people to accept target products and consumer behavior. Soft Wen no style and limit the number of words, prose novels, news comments, product evaluation can become a soft wen. Soft paper is thus formed a huge industrial chain, the industry is also filled with soft, there are professional writers and promotion team. In particular, now the rapid development of the network soft text, the use of soft paper promotion effect is obvious, but the negative impact of soft Wen is not small.

is now a lot of web forums will also engage in a number of soft Wen promotion services, in order to promote the site and the company paid for the soft Wen released ( The commercialization of the Internet environment has prompted the development of the network soft. The increasing pressure on the site also increased the pressure on the webmaster also need to rely more on the promotion of soft wen. But everything has a degree, because the soft, more or less deceptive, tend to exaggerate the facts by reading the. Moderate concealed soft can play a good role, after the release of the risk is higher, but the Internet is not a fool, maybe less contact can not identify what is soft, but see more, the recognition ability of natural soft whether also enhanced. Enhance the recognition ability of the users of soft is soft for the offensive, in fact usually including write soft webmaster, see others write a soft, soft, and no readability will be disgusted, and even return a few disgruntled comments.

A5 positioned in the grassroots webmaster group, serving the grassroots webmaster and provide a platform for the release of soft. But the stationmaster net satisfied think webmaster soft release is intended to promote the exchange of experience, but only to interactive communication, soft in order to receive better results. A5 home page article of course some Adsense promotion soft, but some articles to write the real experience and the webmaster do stand experience, readable, secret of the soft is also high, naturally can be accepted and the webmaster reproduced, to achieve a certain promotion and increase the reverse link function. Some of the readability is not high, or just to the revised patchwork of pseudo original, if coupled with too many links, rendering touting their own website, the article is too soft, will only lead to other webmasters antipathy, so some quality is not high, there will always be behind the attack is soft comments. This is also the recent increase in A5 audit efforts to improve the quality of the site’s reasons.

is intended to promote, of course, hope that the soft Wen can play its role to the extreme, the maximum effect. If the soft text is too soft, and exaggerated >

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