The singularity is near three detailed future air Jindong

March 6, 2017

The word

outlet, has become a hot word in the current Internet business, the air seems to have become the new channel of entrepreneurship are grass root counter attack, air magic, turned the edge of huge corner of the industrial chain, to become entrepreneurs in the hearts of the Holy land.



/ new media brick house (wood network)

since the tuyere effect is so magical, then how to advance perception has become the heart of every entrepreneur. KK is known as the prophet said, "control" a book is even more scientific and technological circles won the "book of changes" title. Zhang Jindong led the Suning group after three transformation, and again just in time, a practice, a prophet, both thinking of the collision, where is the future downtown ah, they give you the answer


hard currency: "black" technology grow more enchanting

in April 6th, Suning sponsored the "2016KK Zijin Mountain entrepreneurial imagination to listen to prophecy", abnormal speculation KK and Suning Holdings Group Chairman Zhang Jindong chat, two people in the fields of view agree without prior without previous consultation. One of the biggest consensus is that science and technology, especially VR, AI and other fields, will become a new niche market.

with more than 20 years ago, Su Ninggang founded a different, even if the field of science and technology as strong as Google, apple and other very influential, but entrepreneurs are now a little late, because "20 years after the great product has not yet been invented".

like a raging fire in the face of the current black technology, VR, AI. KK is a bold prediction, these are just the beginning, the future of artificial intelligence will become a commodity, as a basis for services, at the same time, this basic service will be transmitted through the network, like electricity. VR equipment in the future, it will be into the people’s life, the current "information internet" to "experience the Internet will slowly change, in the next 30 years, unable to realize any close interaction between objects will be as" bad "things out.

in the face of the cool technology, Zhang Jindong said: "the high-tech and intelligent products driven by advanced technology will become a hot topic for future business."

prophet and practitioner of the biggest difference lies in the see and what to distinction, Suning not only to see the trend, it is to hold the pulse of the times. Suning group involved in various forms of independent research and development, investment, and all the chips and other start-up companies participating in these areas of innovation, cultivating intelligence ecosystem, and these new technologies and products applied to the retail industry to go. Currently, Nanjing, Xinjiekou cloud shop has opened the VR experience area, enhance the user experience.

era: cloud service


session of the general assembly, Suning Holding Group Chairman Zhang Jindong said: "there is a big trend is coming to us last year, consumption of China economic contribution rate reached 66.4%, has become the first driving force of economic growth, driven by Chinese >

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