Analysis of common network promotion of the eight methods

March 6, 2017

here is to learn how to network promotion, network promotion, common network promotion methods commonly used are what may be a lot of people do not know, here are eight common network promotion methods, for your reference.

1 Baidu promotion: why should I put Baidu in the first place, in the age of network search engine is already known to every family of the Internet media, is an essential tool to allow customers to accurately find the relevant information, the charm of it in and how to let people see our promotion and click come in and we communicate. This piece of writing requires careful planning, what language you use to allow the patient to accept the curiosity and communication.

2.Google: Google promotion promotion, most people would think not what a big role, will think of all the people Chinese are using Baidu, who use Google? Actually use is one thing, how to make use of it is a good thing, not Google search using Baidu PPC system, but the side bar for promotion. This form of promotion, from the point of view of the network marketing considerations, it is not much of a role, only patients who do have intention to click and consult.

3 news marketing and wide marketing: Marketing News refers to the unknown incredible, a well known news to be a guide, for example, what disease had led to a certain star, how, where by this thing let everyone know? This will not let users dislike, more will bring considerable flow. This way can be considered to promote the marketing and Marketing Forum Baidu know, YAHOO knowledge hall, etc.. The use of a well-known news to achieve promotion strategy. This promotion does not appear to be the name of the hospital is good, after all, the forum and other places to publish the information is the most public places, it is easy to be friends or friends of a burst of saliva. So this promotion, or because of the hospital. In the wide area marketing, this is I want to words, is of wide area coverage, how to make it big coverage? Take the electronic commerce is concerned, what is electronic commerce? It is selling something online, B2B B2C etc. These things is a good promotion platform, they are selling products. What we do is service, why can’t we use these resources to do the SEO chain to your site? This is not a good opportunity to advertise their? There are 114 such as the yellow pages of these places, the medical website registered these places we can go to a hospital image and introduction. Without charges, and the search engine included these things quickly, as long as we do not very explicit introduction, a general platform is can pass through. Such promotion does not spend money does not take up the manpower does not delay the time, is a very good network marketing strategy.

4 local network marketing: in the vast network of the world, we are very small, but we are a city community, we can play their own visibility. Local network media is a marketing method that can be used. < >

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