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March 6, 2017

read micro innovation case has a sense of

read a case of a minor innovation by Mr Kim yesterday, about a British company promoting their seamless underwear. Specifically looking for 10 younger sister paper in London Regents Street walked back and forth N! Everyone put attention on this no trace underwear above. Why? You want ten big girls walking around. And the underwear is not suspenders, the most important is not wearing clothes. How do you say he can not fall down? Kim wrong knife with this security caused a concept: pain points. And I think this is from the user to find resonance. Pain points and so on my own knowledge of the resonance system!

a, why this event has pain points

pain point, is to make people very painful meaning, which needs to find out from people’s emotions. There is no doubt that the British company’s seamless underwear was remembered by the majority of male friends. As for female friends to buy do not buy it, is not clear. One thing is the fact that this promotion is particularly effective, it can be said that the perfect answer to their own product concept, the logic behind what is it?

this activity takes hold of the human mind. And for the inner activities of the reaction are clearly observed. First of all, beauty, especially medium tall beauty enchanting breast, this more attractive. More attractive, which in itself can attract people’s attention. And related to their own products. This is the logic of this, no trace underwear is on the breast, the beauty of the breast and the ability to attract eyeballs. The most important point is that people don’t expect it to fall off. But actually did not fall down, which is really a very painful pain points for people.

if the underwear down, then people could not remember the underwear, attention can be shifted to the beauty of the body to a part, it is because people don’t come out, very painful, will remember that no trace can’t fall down underwear. It can be said that this is a very successful marketing case.

two, the logic behind

There are two points behind the logic of


1, looking for everyone’s resonance

resonance is missing. If you want to see the beauty of this resonance, then this event will not be successful. So to find the resonance, need some skill.

2, a product attached to a product and related, can attract people’s eye events.

the focus here is on the ability to combine the product with the product’s ability to attract eyeballs. Looking for the two methods are related to attract the eye, one is through to the present, as the example, the beauty of breast is a related event to attract the eye, there is a clear to everyone, but there is no unified display.

summary: any marketing promotion is a kind of grasp of people’s psychology, this inner activity >

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