The next wave of layoffs will be T

March 6, 2017

Abstract: "actually by Silicon Valley industry trend, after five years, the majority of small and medium-sized company IT support departments may become the only one or two people, a lot of companies IT Support Department of the people will be laid off, so it appeared Chinese century in 90s due to oversupply of labor caused by the" laid-off "phenomenon.

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author Yang Linhua

science and technology in the field and one of the differences between the traditional industry, that is, information update crazy fast. Even though I lived in Silicon Valley for two years, the most urgent thing for me to do after four years is to renew the knowledge structure. These two days, I visited a number of people in the field of Silicon Valley cloud, get a point of view that surprised me, than the following wave will be laid off the crowd will be inside the enterprise IT support".

this is a real Silicon Valley showing a trend of helplessness. I will record these two days as follows, which involves some of the trends in the field of Silicon Valley, but also related to the daily lives of each of us. Enjoy the from Silicon Valley!


Silicon Valley is now hot direction one is Mobile, one is Cloud, but I think that the word "cloud" is very broad, the real meaning behind it should be: "Consumerization", namely "(all) of the individual consumers".

The word

has been Wikipedia. It means in Wikipedia: around the end of the individual user to product and service re positioning. This is also a trend in the field of Silicon Valley is taking place.

A problem with

is like Gmail, Google Docs and Dropbox such a personal e-mail system, document editing system and file synchronization / sharing tool has been very common, but in the business world, there is a risk.

cite an example of everyday life easier to understand. Now a lot of people will be more and more of their own to the "cloud" to work on something.

this time, the company’s IT support department who knows, he may come to you, because employees do so may disclose the company’s trade secrets. But this is a user behavior habits, or Silicon Valley industry trends show a very important feature.

to solve this problem, Dropbox last year launched a service called "Two Account", allowing users to log on the same device on the same time personal accounts and corporate accounts. Personal documents are placed in individual accounts, and business documents are placed on corporate accounts. The company account documents belong to the company, the company’s IT department can

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