8000 nternet users self built TV PPTV and on the same day line

March 6, 2017

always love to watch televised Mr. Huang last night on the network suddenly found their favorite online video broadcast network PPlive has been quietly changing the domain identifier, renamed PPTV, suddenly turned into a television network, and almost at the same time, he was surprised to find China network television by CCTV the host ( also officially launched on the same day.

on the line: network TV network users to create a personalized program single

China network television news, sports, points, love, love the variety grapefruit several sections. Among them, the news, sports, variety show is a CCTV program such as cctv. In the "love cuckoo" section, not only can see all of CCTV TV broadcast, can also see all the TV programs. Known as covering 51 live TV, on-demand video resources, covering more than 300 sets of columns, the collection of film and television drama series, on-demand daily add 300 hours".


CNTV home screenshot


PPTV home screenshot

Huang found that the charm of the Internet TV is not only on the network can see the massive TV programs and film drama, it can also interact with users. For example, "TV" is "I love grapefruit" section for individual users of the podcast platform. Here users can upload their favorite video, collection of albums, and even can edit a personalized program. Reporters found that China’s online TV online less than a day, nearly 8000 Internet users have built their own TV station.

on the PPTV, the page has also undergone great changes, divided into live, movies, TV series, animation, variety, information and sports, games, several sections. Highlights some of the live TV shows. But obviously, they still like the past, pay more attention to the film and television play.

analysis: state-owned public funding "confrontation" television network


side of the car, the CCTV national network TV station on the line, the side of the car, private television network self rectification. Insiders questioned, national network TV station as a national investment project, a CCTV with government subsidies, on the other hand through the possession of monopoly resources in market competition, will undoubtedly have an impact on the existing private investment on the market of video website. For CCTV network television has been dubbed the "country" in the first, how to coordinate public and non-profit nature, maintain fair competition, also need to explore.

As for the

television network of the traditional TV industry impact, experts say, it will naturally lead to a large number of traditional TV users have moved to the network to watch the video, but whether to traditional TV viewers at the same time also can pull, pull to the traditional advertisers, it is difficult to determine.

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