Daily conversation bought the food network to complete the C round of financing can out of tepid s

March 6, 2017

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network October 21st news today, I bought the food network announced the completion of the C round of financing, financing amounting to $220 million, including Baidu and lead cast Taikang life.

I bought the food network is one of the world’s top 500 enterprises Cofco Corporation founded in 2009, the food B2C e-commerce website. 2013, its access to the fund’s $10 million A round of financing, in August 2014, the completion of its $100 million B round of financing, lead investor IDG capital. Data show that the first half of 2015, I bought the food network food business occupy the market share of 17%, following the Tmall supermarket (28%) and Jingdong (22%) ranked third, followed by the shop No. 1 (9%).

at present, fresh electricity market has the potential flow of resources with feudal lords vying for the throne, platform Tmall, large Jingdong; try to maximize the advantages of vertical electricity supplier I bought network, SF preferred, original life; large supermarket to accelerate the expansion of the peripheral distribution business tradition; love fresh bees the bright younger generation O2O has joined the fray.

however, I bought the food network was founded in 6 years has suffered an embarrassing, namely "tepid". Insiders have predicted that in 2015 I will be able to buy the net annual sales of about 2 billion yuan, with the same as in 2014 to maintain   do not lose do not earn". An industry is still in the investment and layout period, two fresh goods transport loss rate is high, I bought the network, such as B2C electricity supplier logistics costs are high, and I bought the network of central enterprises property, is also considered an important reason.

informed sources said, I bought the network C round of funds will be used to build cold chain logistics and third party distribution. At present, I bought the network exclusive food storage center in the north, Southern China, East three station, room temperature food covering 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government in Hong Kong and Macao regions outside the city, a total of 142 fresh products covering north, East and Southern China, with my delivery service buy network throughout the cold chain self logistics and third party distribution, the latest 48 hours service.

Analysis of

for many years engaged in the electricity supplier industry research in the market, from the development of domestic electricity supplier, the food business is the Internet giants such as BAT finally set foot in the field, because of high threshold, high investment, difficult, so Ali and Jingdong still do platform. Choose the route through Baidu I bought the food network is a shortcut. I bought the food network is COFCO "from farm to table the whole industry chain an important part, have years of experience and worldwide marketing network, especially in the fresh field has always insisted on self. Baidu is doing the equivalent of "uterus".

Further analysis of the source of

, Baidu as the world’s largest Chinese search engine, search has a huge amount of data and the absolute market share, but also a lot of precipitation on food and health data, after this strategic investment I bought net, can with me in the data

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