60 thousand data tell you the domestic public to raise the first break billion behind Maoni

March 6, 2017

UAV, 40 days, $100 million, which is the public to raise the platform in the latest record (the premise is that you believe).

the day before yesterday, the Jingdong login platform to raise the public 40 days, reaching from di PowerEgg UAV at the end of the congregation, the congregation raised the amount also at 101657729 yuan, 10 times its own set of 10 million yuan for the public to raise the target. The whole process of raising them to get a total of 65305 support.

in the public to raise the page of the project progress, to create the UAV’s Zhen Di robot also specifically said: the first amount of the product to break the million people raised the project was born!

this also reflects the real positioning of the current public platform to raise the public – from the previous excellent buy site for all products should be brushed once propaganda platform".

in order to prove the love child norm (micro signal: iFanr) and the author is not "smite", we need first to carefully study the "100 million" and the data behind it.

raised 100 million yuan, exactly how to achieve



pictures from Jingdong congregation raised

from the point of view, the public to raise the PowerEgg set compared with others and no difference. Stall a total of 5, the amount was 1, 88, 7888, 8388, $83880.

1 yuan file: the limit of 9998, each full of 4999 extracted from the 1 lucky users, and finally out of the extraction. Lucky users get a $4999 cash back;

88 yuan file: limit of 1000 copies. Direct access to limited edition PowerVision (the development of the UAV’s parent company) t-shirt. At the same time every 500 people taking a back 4999 yuan bond;

7888 yuan file: the limit of 1000 copies, in order to exceed the price of access to the UAV luxury version of the suit (market price: $9076).

8388 yuan file: limit of 2000 copies, in order to exceed the price of access to the UAV ultimate suit (market price: $10064).

83880 yuan file: Super price to get a large set of UAV customer suit = ultimate set of ten sets (market price: $100640).

although the price and gift looks very reasonable, but the amount of each grade is a lot of, there is no public to raise that kind of want to grab the feeling.

All the chips

page sidebar also shows a little secret: these stalls have repeated several times. 1 yuan file for the 6 time (at least 45000 people to participate in); only a file of $88; $7888

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