DC Review Network global domain name service provider Top15 in early February

March 6, 2017

IDC Review Network ( 02, reported: according to the latest data show that in early February (as of February 17th), China is still the world’s top two domain name resolution service providers into the top fifteen. Among them, Chinese civilink rose to ninth, while the DNSPod of this period fell 1, fell to tenth. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned in early February, the global domain name resolution service provider specific trends.


(Figure 1) the domain name of the domain name service provider domain map (as of 2014/2/17)

as shown in Figure 1, in the global domain name market, the biggest U.S. WILDWESTDOMAINS.COM DNS service providers still lead the global DNS domain name market holdings to 40 million forward, far higher than other DNS providers. The remaining fourteen DNS domain name service provider, the total was less than 5 million, China civilink ranked ninth, DNSPoD ranked tenth.


(Figure 2) in early February global domain name resolution service providers ranked TOP15 (as of 2014/2/17)

in early February global domain name resolution service provider Top15 list, the United States still occupy 10 seats. The domain name WILDWESTDOMAINS.COM holdings increased to 36227976, compared to the end of January the new 92779, the market share rose to 26.6969%. Ranking followed by NETWORKSOLUTIONS.COM, the total number of domain names fell to 3170734, the share was also reduced to 2.3366%. ENOM.COM ranked third, the total domain name increased to 2950955, the share rose to 2.1746%.

in the list of finalists in the Top15, China still holds two seats. Among them, China civilink ranked ninth, compared with the beginning of February rose 1 to 1495807, total domain growth, market share rose 0.012% to 1.1023%; DNSPoD ranked tenth, ranking fell 1, but the total domain there is a small increase, increased to 1493253, the market share also rose slightly by 0.007% to 1.1004%.

in addition to the United States, China, Germany, France and Australia also have a domain name service provider list. According to the current market structure, the United States dominate the market.

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