Send Baidu Hi prerelease experience and invitation

March 6, 2017

Baidu Hi Baidu launched IM tools, and Baidu and Baidu search space has a certain degree of integration and integration, is a characteristic chat tool, the current Baidu Hi is in beta stage, the user can use the invitation. Today, by inviting me to use a simple test of the Baidu chat tool, there are some preliminary feelings.

a, interface refining

interface, color and Microsoft’s MSN is very similar, but the overall interface is very simple, no advertising, similar to the refined style of GTalk, this is commendable.


interface can be directly into their own Baidu space, and similar to MSN.

can be, there are currently two skin.

two, friends management

friends can be displayed in a variety of forms. Friends can customize the avatar.


friends can be grouped. Can join group.

three, Baidu group

allows users to join a group. This is stronger than MSN.


invites 30 users to create a group. (this powerful ah)

to create a group to register personal information and phone numbers, the following is the time to set up the interface group. (real name system?)


four, setting up and managing

system settings interface can set up some personal information.


message manager and Tencent QQ interface like ah.


five, landing mechanism

can log in through Baidu account, login can also be set up by e-mail landing Baidu Hi.

Baidu Hi

currently invite only, if you need a Baidu Hi’s invitation, please register the Baidu account, then your Baidu account to send the mail to my mailbox [email protected] to get invited to view personal messages can see the login Baidu invited link.

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