A college senior who co porn was arrested

March 6, 2017

      under the joint efforts of the Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau, the province’s first porn website successfully cracked the case.

from the Dali County to do business in Xi’an Yin Jianhu, exposed to pornographic websites in a chance, and actively reply comments on pornographic pictures, after the pornographic website owners fancy, made the porn site management personnel.

once accidentally, Yin Jianhu met a man named "Huan Huan" of users on the Internet, Yin Jianhu used all his savings to do business in Xi’an for 8 years, when their "stationmaster" set up a named "maichun club" porn sites.

lightning detection porn site destruction

also speak of from May 14, 2007, 10 pm the same day, new City Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade was informed that there was a "Spring Club" porn "webmaster" — "maichun big prime minister", in the Taihua Road area, please brigade investigation.

after receiving the report, the Criminal Investigation Brigade immediately arrange vice captain Guo Manzhao led the Secret Squadron captain Xia Han, investigators to sun Baoyin Taihua road investigation area. In May 23rd 22, the investigators Mopai visit, informed the masses, "maichun big prime minister" engaged in activities in the Taihua road porn sites. 23:15, investigators to implement the arrest, the scene of the 8 suspects and a female prostitute control, the scene seized a computer and related equipment involved in the login. The relevant personnel in the analysis to check the computer hard disk, to extract the relevant records of the computer login management "maichun club". Investigators and one of them named Yin Jianlong (male, 28 years old, Shaanxi Dali County, an advertising company in Xi’an, the office) important suspects conducted on-site interrogation, Yin Jianlong confessed everything, the web site is his siblings Yin Jianhu (the same address, do Aluminum Alloy doors and windows operating business in Xi’an). The night, investigators take Yin Jianlong on another computer, involving a 610423197804052415 identity cards and three bank cards seized in the warehouse Jianhu yin……

in May 25th 14, Yin Jianhu under the strong pressure of the police investigation into the Criminal Investigation Brigade, Metro Police Bureau door to surrender.

browsing porn site became a manager

investigators in the "two big computer maichun the prime minister" in the Yin Jianhu seized, the "Spring Club" members up to 15074 people, 64846 of which any pornographic thread, a post click rate is as high as 200 times; the company also online record up to 1799 people, that is to say at the same time, there are 1799 people in the browsing porn sites; the average daily visits to 1920 times.

suspects Yin Jianhu account, he himself 8 years ago after graduating from junior high school in Xi’an to do aluminum doors and windows business. In 2006 of July, Yin Jianhu in a color

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