nternet entrepreneurs recognize their own profit model nine out of ten is immortal

March 6, 2017

, said to be


A, say to profit model

this year on the project, it will be said that your project profit model is what?

some people say: "unless you are engaged in the Internet for pure spiritual pursuits, you must consider this issue. Talk about profit model is not shameful, not to talk about profit model is shameful, even how to make money is not to consider, how can you ensure that your team can develop, your pay is not in vain?"

What is the

project profit model, method that is a project to make money, is able to remain stable in a long time, and bring Everfount profits for the project. A lot of people are very concerned about the model, especially the profit model – blog fire, almost every blog site entrepreneurs, each blog will pay attention to the question of reporters: blog rely on to make money? Another way to ask is what is the blog profit model?

media said: "from the early days of the Internet Chinese encountered hot bubble, to stage a comeback, the restless wave of the Internet, the Internet business model and features has been struggling to find the proposition.

2006, for the Chinese Internet market, it seems that there is not much good news. Search engine market has experienced rapid growth in the first half, the second half of the growth slowed down significantly. Google Chinese, Yahoo China, China MSN Jose owners led the industry for another round of profit model. In the past time, Chinese Internet despite the first purgatory of baptism, but now the development of the Internet is still immature. Because it is optimistic about the future of the Internet several hot spots, in fact, there is still no reasonable business model can do support,

as a commercial enterprise, certainly is the first profit, can make money related to the enterprise as investors of vital importance, money, certainly do not want to own into a boondoggle, so when investors decided to invest in projects, this project will certainly earn money in the future prospects as the first factor to consider. It is important for all parties to make a business plan for any project.

, however, the sword in the study and practice found that the profit model is a summary of future generations. A so-called profit model, especially the method and path of success in the exploration of the new beginning is uncertain, only through continuous exploration and adjustment, especially after the success of the test after someone to summary and study, summed up the basic and key things and some similar methods and paths the common point, after systematic analysis, the definition of a profit model >

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