CCTV exposure of fake CASO dangdang.com small dial does not go 24

March 6, 2017

"original genuine counter inspection"

24 when the small dial does not go

false report

consumer proposition: Dangdang (micro-blog) to sell fake CASIO watch counter inspection nowhere to verify


dramatic electricity supplier price war is continuing to upgrade, the breakdown of the entire network price, 0 profit, consumer back to the 618 and so on the slogan of the consumer heart filled with a variety of advertising media. We note that, in the well-known shopping site Dangdang online, a number of brand-name watches promotion is also very large, generally eight to ten percent off discount, low and even hit two to seventy percent off! So super cheap to buy watches or


buy cheap watches?

recently, Beijing consumers Li Jiajin as a Casio he purchased in dangdang.com, is very upset, because since received the watch, he found the watch a lot of problems.

Li Jiajin: it has a small dial for 24 hours. For example, it is now 1, it (small dial) table pointer should be at 13, you are like the 2 point is the point of 14, it will follow the turn, it did not move, I always see the table it does not move.

no matter how Li tune, the 24 hour indicator dial is no response. CASIO has just bought a hand on the appearance of such a problem, so he is very puzzled.

Li Jiajin: I always feel like it’s not true.

this Casio, Li Jiajin in April 28, 2012 to buy Dangdang, then in many styles of watches, he took a fancy to this.

Li Jiajin: I would like to see this table is very good, very good, but also a lot of discount, I think affordable.

The Casio

model is EF–543D–1A, the original price 2104 yuan, dangdang.com sold only 568 yuan, 73% off! See such a cheap price, but Li Jiajin heart some hesitation, as the saying goes, no good cheap goods!

Li Jiajin: then I’ll make a phone call to ask dangdang.com, I say you this watch the price is a lot of difference, you are genuine? They dangdang.com said at the time: we are selling online, is absolutely authentic.

Dangdang customer service staff is very sure that they are guaranteed to sell online table is genuine, if not genuine, fake a compensable five. Customer service staff to hear these assurances, Li Jiajin assured. Login Dangdang, as expected in the Dangdang home page has such a promise: genuine security, fake a penalty five". With such a guarantee and commitment, Li Jiajin then assured the order in Dangdang online.

can now buy a new Casio on the 24 small dial turned out to be empty.

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