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March 7, 2017

1 the Ministry of public security cracked 500 billion major online gambling gambling staff of nearly one million  

as a hidden and great harm to gambling activities, underground Liuhe color in recent years by the public security organs to crack down on. However, under the temptation of huge profits, some criminals turned to the network to continue gambling activities.

recently, the Ministry of public security cracked a large underground network gambling case, arrested more than 90 suspects, freezing more than 3000 bank accounts. Behind this crazy fortune game, there are nearly one million registered members to participate in gambling, involving more than 500 billion yuan of funds.

how does this huge gambling group work, and why they have been able to evade the police investigation for several years, and why the Internet gambling has been repeatedly banned?

After 2

burn the game broadcast platform what is going to be  

game live, never lack of noise.

from the early Betta, banners, to the bright younger generation, tiger panda, game broadcast platform gradually from behind the stage, and then with the favor of capital, quickly ignite the flames of war, in the dizzying topics, completed the other areas of the years of change.

, however, behind the uproar, how will the considerable flow realized, is still pending.

today, the last round of anchor battle gradually subsided, the industry side is panda TV and other emerging platforms of high-profile financing, while it is starving everywhere. One of the industry to the NetEase technology revealed that had set off and anchor Battle Flag Macropodus, due to capital chain problems, is seeking to sell. But because of its profit model is not clear, the subsequent investment is larger, with the intention of a few.

3 tuniu with merger rumors analysis: difficult to operate but the driving force behind the  


is the same way cattle drive will be held this month to complete the convertible merger rumors spread widely in yesterday afternoon, although the way cattle with the same way are said to deny the tuniu news, President Yan Haifeng said "there is no contact with" the same way, with the way Wu Zhixiang said "the news is not specific to any basis the".

but at the same time, the two sides in terms of the wording of the merger can leave room for maneuver, Wu Zhixiang said everything is possible, said the capital is strict with the coast to take an open mind. Let them stand with a more whirling.

despite the way cattle with the same way once a slobber war fierce, and the fierce competition in the field of leisure travel, but in the Internet this year, mergers, before the drop, 58 drops fast market after the merger, the U.S. group public comment, where marriage Ctrip, in the past to hand in the capital under pressure have to shake hands in the background, the way cattle merged with the same way also is not impossible.

4 SARFT total ban TV box 70%>

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