2009 economic winter ushered in 10 million venture capital

March 7, 2017

I walked into this circle is not a long time ago, at the end of the year, to others to do the first station, earned a computer’s money, but now more than a year’s time. It’s still a novice. For more than a year, I fell in love with the industry. Although the webmaster is very tired, but very substantial. No longer feel the emptiness of life, will no longer feel bored, will only feel that time is not enough, so God will only care about those who work hard to learn.

I am studying e-commerce, I understand that the network must be combined with the product. The development of user groups, in fact, is the development of your products. Ma Yun, China’s network is the first person, but he is not even a computer will be used. Jiangmin, began to study computer at the age of 38. They are successful, not because of how good they are, but because they realize that the web is just a projection of reality. If you feel that the Internet is a good way to make money, then you are wrong, the network and the reality is the same. A technician, a monthly salary of a few K, a street vendor also can earn a few a few K. In the first half of 2008, I met my primary school classmates, it is very cattle X, before reading the last row, but it is now a more than and 10 chain store manager, the main digital products. That day, the brothers drank 2 bottles of Wuliangye, the box of 1 Qingdao. During my perfidy with more than and 10 stores, light field, staff wages, a month about one hundred thousand, electronic products and low profits, said he is very optimistic about the electronic commerce. So we began to plan this site, Amoy electronic mall http://s.taow.cc the most complex is the product library, electronic products a day a price, as well as product attribute parameters. Manual entry. By October, the site was completed, there was a peer, want to cast 500 thousand in, we considered for a long time, and finally refused. 500 thousand say a lot less, say more than enough. To find it is necessary to find a big, do not blindly do optimization, do traffic, because the flow of this thing, for me there is no real significance. Only the flow into orders, will become money, a lot of channels to promote the localization of e-commerce, offline activities, television advertising, etc..

finally came the good news in the last week, my classmates called me excitedly said: "venture capital to pull 1 million!" "yes?" "Euro!" I was called fast hold ^`^. It is a fellow he uncle, in spain. This economic winter, we have a cautious attitude. But I think we should trust the government, the party and the chairman mao. Can handle it, if winter comes, can spring be far away? I am a love song, Axin as boundless as the sea and sky. As boundless as the sea and sky after the brave, dedicated to bring the fate of the broken lock, indifference of the people, thank you ever look down on me, let my life even more splendid. To everyone, the fate is powerful, but more than the fate of the persistent.

and I want to say, do not ask, ask who? Foreign affairs asked Google, things asked Baidu, sexual intercourse…… (oh, not to mop.com advertising), some people ask the question is really very strange. "

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