WeChat open even WiFi portal users can quickly scan code

March 7, 2017

WeChat open even WiFi portal users can scan code fast Internet access

[TechWeb] March 9th news, WeChat has recently said that even WeChat WiFi application entrance is now officially open. WeChat has been opened under the public number of entities under the line of business, but also through the application of WeChat public platform.

according to reports, after the merchant access to WeChat WiFi, the user no longer need to enter the WiFi account, password, WeChat scan code and other ways to quickly access the internet. At the same time, businesses can also take the user to push the activities of information, membership offers and other value-added services.

at the end of January this year, WeChat WiFi has begun testing the total amount of foreign, opening, more businesses will provide convenient WiFi experience and precise scene service for WeChat users through this function.

WeChat side said that businesses can make use of existing equipment, or access to the procurement market has been connected to the WeChat WiFi protocol devices, you can achieve self configuration access. According to the different types of businesses and the development of operational capability, "WeChat WiFi" provides the basis, and different businesses advanced custom home page template, easy access from the main business flexibility to choose according to their own needs, but also can get through with the WeChat system, enjoy WeChat payment, coupons and other functions.

Analysis of

industry sources, WeChat WiFi is designed to open up businesses even based on geographical location (LBS) O2O "last mile" for WeChat, payment, membership management, WeChat business card package and other business development to provide the necessary conditions for imaginative. (Aruhan)

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