P2P is playing the bad financial platform to draw the line with label technology

March 7, 2017

if the Internet is the key word of the financial sector every year, no regulation and financing and foot, then this year’s keywords should be regulated and listed and e rent treasure".

review this year, there are too many public opinion around the three in. Supervision, it seems that there will be no more accidents; listed, P2P finally out of the first step; e rent treasure, then give everyone a lesson.

who covered the eye

do not need supervision, urban management is enough."

this is a P2P platform responsible for speaking at the end of a financial show used when the description. He said that the venue is surprisingly marketing, beauty, celebrity Bo eyeball, lively as much as the show. Outside, "some in the roadside van pull banners, play money, the loan proceeds, opened the trunk, then pull the scan code to send the cup". He believes that these are vicious circle.

indeed, the fiery financial management is not only in recent years, but now it is not so high profile.

high-profile such as e rent treasure, from April began to heavily promote Ying Chan, consulting data show that the monthly turnover rapidly and gradually rose to about 16000000000 from 1 billion 500 million. As of December 2nd this year, was investigated, e total volume of about 72 billion 600 million yuan to rent treasure, to be paid a total of $69 billion 500 million.

a e rent treasure investors said he did not understand what is the rent e Bao investment, just out of the financial manager of personal trust, so only in the Financial Manager e switched to the new platform to rent treasure followed by investment. In the financial crowd, the idea is not a minority.

in fact, many financial managers can also be regarded as victims.

, according to him, a lot of e although the wages of the staff rent treasure high, but have invested in the purchase of their products. Daily pull customers, business assessment pressure is also great. Until the relevant departments involved in the beginning of December, many financial managers believe is not a major event, the initiative to appease investor sentiment, to refute them in the eyes of the rumors, trying to reduce the impact.

A bystander is always clear-minded., Those closely involved cannot see clearly. If you simply lift such an explanation, it is too late Zhu Geliang. But what is the over our eyes? The problem is indeed worthy of reflection.

There is one thing in

: "e rent treasure is investigation" after a few days, I have been to Beijing a district economic investigation team to understand the progress of. Close to noon, the report was surrounded by several tables in a small space, crowded with people. Posted on the glass door at least 7 suspected cases of illegal fund-raising progress announcement or report. Although the presence of the informant at least belong to three different cases, unexpectedly, even one case of the informant e rent treasure.

simple search for a moment, and the illegal fund-raising is generally referred to the crime of illegal deposits from the public and fund-raising fraud, as early as 1995 when it was absorbed into a single criminal law. In the middle of 20 years

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