Stationmaster net broadcast secret flowers chant cash black chain Tmall to clear 200 stores

March 7, 2017

1 Taobao flowers chant cash black chain three traps form  

lack of money this thing who have encountered, you choose what way to solve?

in Ali, the Tencent spend Bai particles Jingdong ious loans, etc. after the product line, a lot of friends trying to pull out their wool. However, it is similar to a variety of "flower chanting by cash fraud" social news. So, who is the

who pull out the wool?This paper attempts to take

technology Sohu. For example cash, credit cash secret behind the black chain, and thus relates to all kinds of risk.

account for high open trap

actually mentioned in the title "Taobao chant", actually called "ant flower chant", belonging to the Ali group’s affiliates, ant’s payment service. The former is called as temporary, because the majority of users of the flower chanting cognition, is used in the Taobao settlement.

/ 2.58 City Ganji rent "occasional" Kuronaka Suke: one hundred pieces are not my

every big city to look up to the stars of the young people, we must first settle down to one thing – rent room. They follow the tide of the Internet, most will end by PC or mobile Internet to find their favorite listings, so grand sounding 58 city, Ganji has become their first choice. But the actual situation, the so-called "this is a magical site" and "classified information leading website", often just sounds pretty cow, but looks beautiful illusion.

Gon Freecss (a pseudonym) is a member of a domestic new 1.5 city workers in heavy traffic, new city, the first thing to do is to rent a room for their shelter. As 90, smart phones have become an essential part of his life. To find 58, natural housing market "this is already after downloading the latest APP for having heard it many times, respectively, into the two software main interface, at a glance shows the rental information guide window.

3 because of a name to the original Tmall 200 stores  



merchants note that if your store name or writing, pronunciation and international similar names, so you are likely to be Tmall closed shop.

days before receiving the business broke the news that Tmall as a brand name, will clean out the platform more than 200 stores. The specific way is to reject these business visa application, close the entrance examination materials submitted, and requires businesses to either go to the Taobao store, or to terminate the cooperation with ALI, will not provide a chance to appeal.

because of a name, more than and 200 stores, Tmall really say Qing Qing?

my shop is going to be

June 2>

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