The past fifteen years of Feng Dahui the recollection and thinking of an atypical programmer

March 7, 2017


he is the Internet circle well-known technical experts, now active in the micro-blog professional Tucao, and want to save Chinese Internet by hearsay in WeChat. He is Feng Dahui (@Fenng), a sharp, sharp ridicule, and even humour man, but how many people may not know his past and History:

university student in biology, but only studying programming technology, and self-taught;


first entered the Alibaba, he experienced two months of high-intensity work almost thought he would die;

he told the programmer now mentality worries and expectations;


on Ali cloud services turn iron into steel as well as on Baidu called "wolf" understanding;

his concern and understanding of China’s internet.

For an interview with Feng Dahui

Turing community will let us have a more in-depth understanding of the atypical TECH2IPO are cut to the original programmer.

from biology to Alibaba

if I had that much money, would you like something to eat

I didn’t pass the college entrance examination, walks the university. At that time, in fact, a bit fooled, we all say that twenty-first Century is the century of biology. But when I went to school, I knew it wasn’t going to be the future of our generation.

is a kind of person (Apple) or the generation of learning machine, I belong to (what machine) no generation. I came into contact with the computer in fact it was very late.

Linux was popular in the small circle, when the popular technology is Delphi, PB, PB programmer, a monthly salary of 10000 yuan, the monthly salary of 10000 yuan is the concept of what ah, I spend on food each month was 2, 300, if I have so much money, not eat what they want you (laughs)


I earned the first money is to help others do a browser used to manage the program, although only 1000, but that is my recognition of their first money earned. My friends are shocked, have said: rely on, engage in IT really TM earn money! From then on, I am determined to work in this way, but also to make money in this way.

I think if a person is going to be called the code you have to do things in the development team, to I put in, is cheating. But I like the circle and I like to work here. I pay close attention to the industry, pay attention to code farming, pay attention to the interesting people. Although it is entirely a child into this circle, but in every environment, the new world are constantly open.

in the first year of Alipay almost did not.

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